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Lack of facilities for UID (Aadhaar) Registration in Peren District

By EMN Updated: May 02, 2017 10:48 pm

Now Everything seems not to work without UID No. or Addhaar. The making of Adhaar sort of mandatory by the NDA Govt. at Centre despite conflicting directive from the supreme court is making life miserable for majority of the public. The UID registration in Peren district disappeared after the first round when the public awareness of its importance grow and the need for Aadhaar become more pressing. It is learnt that the task of UID registration was given to a private firm on contract but they were never present in administrative stations.
The firm one time mopping exercise cannot encompasses the whole population of the district due to the mobility of the population as is the case these days. Their constant presence in administrative headquarter is a must.
It is therefore, appealed to the concerned authority to cancel the contract to that particular private firm which could not carry out the task properly and let the district administration take over as is done in other district for the welfare and convenience of the people of the district.
It is also requested to make each administrative Headquarter to be the point of Aadhaar Registration. unless this is taken up urgently the difficulties of many Bank Account holders, students, job card holders etc. will increase.

Dr. Tumda Newme
NPCC Member
6th Tening A/C

By EMN Updated: May 02, 2017 10:48:10 pm