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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Nagaland, Niuland

KYGKK celebrates silver jubilee

By EMN Updated: Jan 30, 2024 8:58 pm
Kulolau Yanzitong Ghami Kughuko Kuqhakulu (KYGKK)
Vitoka Yepthomi and others during the silver jubilee celebration.

DIMAPUR — The silver jubilee celebration of Kulolau Yanzitong Ghami Kughuko Kuqhakulu (KYGKK) was held on January 28 at Pihekhu village, Niuland district, with EAC Niuland, Vitoka Yepthomi, as the guest speaker.

Speaking at the event, Yepthomi encouraged the attendees to stay grounded in traditions, culture, and God, and urged everyone to stay united and make positive contributions to society in order to achieve overall progress.

Noting that the silver jubilee was a time for both celebration and introspection, he urged everyone to continue on the visionary path established by the founding members.

On the occasion, new office bearers were also appointed for the tenure 2024–2026, with Vitohe Chishi as chairman, Ahokhe Yeptho and Mughavi Awomi as vice-chairmen, Simon as general secretary, Khekavi Awomi as treasurer, and Mughalu Yeptho, Yemishe Yeptho, and Vikaho Awomi as executive members.

Khehovi was designated as banker.

By EMN Updated: Jan 30, 2024 8:58:24 pm
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