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Saturday, March 25, 2023

KVC intervention sought to restore Naga Club building

By EMN Updated: Sep 27, 2022 10:23 pm

Dimapur, Sep. 27 (EMN): The Naga Club has appealed to the Kohima Village Council (KVC) to restore the Naga Club building and its plot near Old Secretariat Complex, Kohima, to Naga Club to “keep the illustrious legacy alive.”

Naga Club, in a representation to KVC chairman dated September 14, stated that the club was indebted to the visionary contribution of Kohima village towards the Naga cause of unity and brotherhood.

“It is a known fact that the Naga Club building had served the Nagas in various capacities in the past and especially for the furtherance of the Naga national aspirations and even served as the office for the dignitaries concerned with the Naga cause. The 1951 Naga Plebiscite speech was known to have been delivered from this very building,” the representation stated.

Naga Club stated that Kohima Village Council, the traditional land owner of Kohima, had graciously, generously and thoughtfully provided land to the Naga Club to build the Naga Club building.

The representation informed that the Naga Club executive council, in its meeting held on June 1, 2022, at Kohima, unanimously decided to begin the construction of Naga Club building, which is presently under the occupancy of the Naga Students’ Federation by September 1.

“The reconstruction of the Naga Club building is a long-felt need which is much overdue and imperative … with an earnest desire to rebuild a monumental asset to assert the rightful and distinguished image of the Nagas and to represent the illustrious legacy of our pioneer leaders and forefathers…,” it stated.

In view of this, Naga Club requested NSF to vacate the building in toto on or before August 27, 2022, to enable renovation and reconstruction of the building.

Naga Club also said it had treated the NSF as “our children” and therefore never questioned NSF’s non-payment of “our house rent” till date excepting the lone payment of INR 500 rent for the month of April 1983.

“However, the NSF has not paid any heed to our request, reminders and the deliberations in the informal meeting with them held on 07.09.2022,” it stated.

“That the Naga Club repeatedly attempted to have meeting with the NSF but the later would not have any official meeting with us since 2018, and all our request letters to have meeting with them have been ignored,” it claimed.

“Not only have the NSF failed to vacate the building to allow the reconstruction of the building so as to protect the honor of the Nagas, it is apparent that they have hidden motives in the following two areas to undermine and harm the facts of history for selfish gain,” it alleged.

It alleged that the NSF was attempting to distort the Naga Club history and factual evidences and that the federation also resorted to illegal and unauthorised commercialization of the Naga Club building.

The representation further stated that in honour and respect for the authority of the Kohima village, the club felt duty-bound to approach KVC with regard to the restoration of the Naga Club building and the land to its legitimate owner, which is the Naga Club.

By EMN Updated: Sep 27, 2022 10:23:56 pm