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Kuda Razha Angamipfüko Krotho holds 44th general conference

By EMN Updated: Oct 12, 2014 12:43 am

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Dimapur, October 11

The 44th general conference of Kuda Razha Angamipfüko Krotho (KRAK) (Dimapur Angami Women Organization) was held today at Sovima with Neidonuo Angami as the main speaker.
Speaking on the topic ‘Apu Kenyü-u (what I want to say)’, Neidonuo said the KRAK has moved on strongly with the support of the former women leaders and elders. She noted that such groups of social organizations are always formed for a social cause or interest that can bring positive changes in the society.
Neidonuo also pointed out that various problems like rape, murder, etc. which were a taboo in Nagas’ society and culture have now become a crime and are happening everywhere.Stating that every child be it a boy or a girl is conceived by a women, she said it is the duty of every mother to teach one’s children in a way that can bring good names to the society or family.
“Every woman should be able to stand and come out from their complexes and work for the welfare of the society,” she stressed.
She also appealed to all the women to work hard and become a responsible person in the society in every way like the man in the family so that the ‘authority’ to deal in public related works will also grow amongst the womenfolk of Nagaland.
She further appealed the KRAK members present to work hard for the welfare of the society.
KRAK comprising around 30 women units/communities who work for the welfare of the society was founded around 30 years ago with the help of elders of the village.
A debate competition on the topic ‘Angami women progressing’ was also held during the conference. The competition was won by the participant who ‘for the motion’ and proved that Angami women are in progress.
More than 900 womenfolk dressed in their traditional attire from all over the district came together to participate at the 44th general conference.
Meanwhile, president of KRAK Zhalievino (Cüka) Peseyie will serve KRAK for 2nd time for a tenure of three years along with the new elected members.

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