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KSU helps itself to road repairing work

By EMN Updated: Dec 08, 2019 11:24 pm

Dimapur, Dec.8 (EMN): The Khiamniungan Students’ Union (KSU) completed its phase-II road repairing work from Lang river to Nokhu EAC headquarters which took six days.

As an apex tribal organisation, the union stated that it is giving top priority on road connectivity within its jurisdiction apart from educational institutions as good roads can bring about all the developmental activities to far-flung villages, KSU information secretary L Shingnya said. He added that it is the only road that connects most of the eastern Khiamniungan villages in India and beyond the border in Myanmar.

The union also claimed that it had found many loopholes in implementing programmes by the state government and the concerned department. Stating that the union would inspect all the on-going works within its jurisdiction, it asked all the concerned contractors to resume and complete the work at the earliest.

The union also directed all the contractors, who are allotted various work both fresh or maintenance within its jurisdiction to implement them as per the work order and to complete its proposed length.

The union also directed all the concerned village councils not to issue completion certificate to any contractor without the knowledge of KSU or till the roads are inspected and satisfied. It warned that failing to adhere to the directive would compel the union to take its own course of action.

Meanwhile, the union has thanked and appreciated all the adjoining villages, executive engineer of R&B, Noklak, and individuals for their support and contributions towards the union’s initiatives.

By EMN Updated: Dec 08, 2019 11:24:08 pm