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KPU to intensify agitation from Nov. 20

By EMN Updated: Nov 07, 2017 12:03 am

Dimapur, Nov. 6 (EMN): Reitering its earlier resolutions, the Kandi Public Union (KPU) has threatened to intensify its agitation beginning from November 20 if the State government fails to direct the contractor for construction of RD Block office at the inaugural site Chunlikha.
Meanwhile, reacting to the statement of Kithagha Public Organisation (KPO), KPU clarified that it had it had at no point of time demanded shifting of RD Block office to Tsonsa village. KPU has demanded immediate construction of the office as per government instructions since the contract has already been awarded to M/s JK & sons of Nsunyu (Kithagha) on November 11, 2016.
KPU press and media cell also claimed that the government has already appointed a Grade -IV post to the land owners namely Mrs. Ninenya Semy, wife of Tekhenu Semy, and John Magh, son of Rev. Khankhu Magh. As such, it stated that there was no question of shifting the office to Tsonsa or GHS compound, where the people of Nsunyu (Kithagha) group have already benefitted in both employment and contract, adding that Kandi group had never envy the opportunity nor object to it.
It stated that the allegation of KPO against Kandi group of sabotaging the RD Block issue for political mileage and terming as ‘self interest’ was uncalled for. It further clarified that there was no ulterior motives in their demand for early construction of RD office but for the welfare of the Chunlikha range and rural people.

TGPU(C) wants office at permanent site

On the controversy surrounding construction of BDO office, Tesophenyu group has sought construction of the office at the selected permanent site of the existing RD Block Chunlikha offered by land donor, Khankhu Magh, which is located at West NH-2 Chunlikha Headquarter without fear or favour.
A joint press release issued by TGPU(C) president Gwachung Chung and the joint secretary S Soyhunlo Seb noted that the location is accessible and convenient with all the basic infrastructures irrespective of directions and geographical situations for the citizens of three constituent groups viz. Kandi group, Kithagha group and Tesophenyu group.
It appealed Kandi group and Tesophenyu group not to interfere and complicate the existed site of BDO office Chunlikha but let Kithagha Public Organisation (KPO) decide the best viable location as deemed fit. The group stated that the popular desires and decisions of the majority groups must also be taken into account with regard and respect.
In the event of failure to construct BDO office, RD Block Chunlikha, at the appropriate location, the four villages of Tesophenyu group has threatened resorting to its own ways and means of exercising its democratic rights.

By EMN Updated: Nov 07, 2017 12:03:21 am
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