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Konyak Union against making Aadhaar mandatory

By EMN Updated: Aug 24, 2017 11:38 pm

Dimapur, August 14 (EMN): The Konyak Union has on Thursday severely criticised making Aadhaar card mandatory and that it will not allow any ‘institution to make it mandatory under its jurisdiction’ stating that it should be voluntary since it infringes on an individual’s privacy and also ‘intrudes’ on human dignity.
” The Konyak Union also direct that no institution within Konyak jurisdiction can enforce Aadhaar card as mandatory,” stated the press statement from Konyak union.
The statement also comes in the backdrop of the recent demand by security forces to produce Aadhaar cards to cross the border into Mon district for Konyak Nagas from beyond the border with Myanmar who had come to procure essential commodities.
The union while lamenting the existence of imaginary lines that has divided the Konyak into “international halves” the union stated that such restriction on non possession of Aadhaar cards should not be repeated or be imposed within its jurisdiction.
The union also cited the Supreme Court order that the Aadhaar card scheme is purely voluntary and it cannot be made mandatory till the matter is finally decided by the court which need to be upheld.
The union questioned if Aadhaar can discipline the “sovereignty of the Nation”, when the sole purpose of Aadhaar card is to “ascertain/legitimise” the actual beneficiary for direct benefit transfer.
So it has got nothing to do in “disciplining the citizen” moreover when such numbers are provided to “any immigrants randomly”.
The union also appealed to the Nagaland Baptist Churches Council to be “cautious” and rethink on the ” issuance of the unique identity number based on the biblical context ” although the core objective of the Aadhaar card is ” simply to avail services and benefits “. ” The concept of a Direct benefit transfer is applaud able but practically not possible as it requires time, ” it stated.
The union stated that Nagas cannot “go in parallel with the mainland Indians” and that the Konyak public in particular and the Nagas in general should not be ” victimised on such hurried & rush policy “.
The Konyak Union is also of the opinion that the “Aadhaar policy invades our Right to privacy” and added “Such policy intrudes our human dignity, privacy & rights”.
It also added the Nagaland government should conduct thorough research on its implication upon the Naga rights, custom, norms and practices keeping in view that it the policy is yet to be cleared by a constitutional bench.
The unions also reminded the government about Article 371(A) that provides special provisions for Nagaland and questioned the state Government how Aadhaar card policy was readily accepted.
“Interestingly & surprisingly, Aadhar card had not been imposed in the state of Assam. Nagaland Government may instead have its separate Naga identification code if at all it has to link with its beneficiaries in availing welfare scheme”. it further stated.
The apex union of the Konyaks also appealed “Naga scholars, lawyers, intellectuals & politician” to seriously ponder upon the unique identity numbers and its implication upon our Naga society and aspiration. It stated ,”Our dream for self determination is at stake”.

By EMN Updated: Aug 24, 2017 11:38:55 pm
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