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Konyak community to celebrate Aoleang Monyu festival

By EMN Updated: Mar 28, 2017 10:56 pm
File photo of Konyak Naga women in traditional attire performing cultural dance during Aoleang Monyu festival.
File photo of Konyak Naga women in traditional attire performing cultural dance during Aoleang Monyu festival.

Dimapur, March 28 (EMN): Konyak community in Nagaland, Assam and Myanmar is all geared up to observe “Aoleang Monyu” festival from April 1 to 6. Apart from numerous community based celebrations, Konyak Union (KU) has planned to organise three mega ‘Aoleang Monyu’ programmes at Kohima, Mon and Dimapur.
In Kohima, Konyak Union Kohima (KUK) will celebrate the festival at the Naga heritage village on April 1 at 11 a.m., where PHED minister Chotisuh Sazo will be the chief guest and RB Thong, Additional Chief Secretary & Development Commissioner as the guest of honour.In Mon town, apex Konyak Union (KU) will organise the festive programme on April 4 while the chief minister Dr. Shurhozelie Lizietsu will grace the celebration as chief guest and Sabu Battacharyya, Managing Director NEC Pvt Ltd., as the special guest.

File photo of Konyak Naga men in traditional attire during Aoleang Monyu festival celebration.
File photo of Konyak Naga men in traditional attire during Aoleang Monyu festival celebration.

As assigned, the Sheanghah Union will display warrior act during the morning formal session. Liwang, Angh of Wangla, will invocate ‘Wangwan’- divine spirit of blessings which would be accompanied with log drumming display by Leangha Union. After the invocation, the cultural dance display in male category will be performed by the Totok Union, Mon Union, Chen Nokten Union, Longching Union and Tang Union.
In the female category, the cultural dance will be performed by Wakching Union, Longkei Union, Shangyin, Chi Union and Hongphoi Union.
Konyak Union (KU) is also geared up for the inauguration of its new office building in the presence of the chief minister.
In Dimapur, Konyak Union Dimapur and Chumukedima will organise the Aoleang Monyu celebration programme on April 4 at the DDSC stadium at 11 a.m., where CL John, minister of RD & REPA, will grace the occasion as the chief guest and Tovihoto Ayemi, Parliamentary Secretary of Economic & Statistic, as the guest of honour.
The main highlights of the celebration will be presentation of the indigenous instruments as well ethnic and traditional attire show followed by folk songs and dance display by Wakching, Chen, Mon and Tobu area in the female category and in the male category by Moka and Wakching unit.
Konyak Aoleang Monyu or the spring festival is the biggest festival (Monyu) to invoke upon “Wangwan” or the divine spirit for his manifold blessings on every deeds and dreams. April 1 t0 6 is considered as the most favourable period of time where nature sprinkle its fresh green life into a new blooming buds and leaves. It celebrates the beauty of time as the dry and cold winter had long been gone and hot and rainy summer has not yet arrived. It is also a period of transition from an old sowing cycle into a new sowing cycle/year. Aoleang Monyu also heralds the advent of a new year in one’s life.
The celebration symbolises “purity, clarity and freshness” in one’s life that renew its mind to be focused with utmost dedication and sincerity. It also marked to pay final homage to the departed soul. They then gear up to walk ahead and face all hurdles and pain. Major transition in one’s life also takes place during such auspicious period of time. Young boys and girls mark their attainment of adulthood by wearing traditional attires and outfit and joining the ways of their elders by singing and dancing.
It is also the period that celebrates togetherness with friends and loved ones before they venture out into world of uncertainties. Primarily, the celebration is marked by much singing, dancing and feasting. Married lady members (sister/daughter) from the family are honoured with special invitation and gift.
This period of jubilation also ignites ones’ soul to seek for forgiveness and reconciliation through companionship, sharing of feast, singing and dancing together. It is the period of time that displays its pride, trophies and colourful attires that have been carefully preserved over a year.
KU appeals: Meanwhile, KU has appealed the State government to consider special leave for all Konyak employees on account of Aoleang Monyu. KU, in tune with its traditional practices and norms, also appealed to its citizen to abstain from any forms of indebtedness and hatreds. It said the period of love and reconciliation that resolves all differences should be uphold by every citizen thereby creating an enabling environment for peace, tranquillity and integrity in the spirit of oneness and forgiveness.

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