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Kohima village’s communities revisit traditional ethos

By EMN Updated: Feb 17, 2015 11:30 pm

Principal Correspondent
Kohima, February 17

Known as Asia’s second largest village, peer members of P Khel (Pfüchatsumia) and T Khel (Tsutuonuomia) of Kohima village are performing various activities during the purification festival (Sekrenyi) of Angami tribe. The event is a token of upholding the traditional practices of their forefathers.
Both the ‘khels’ (sector) have constructed traditional morungs and decorated with different traditional items, edibles, including moudi (huge chunk of meat) of different animals and birds while peer members in complete traditional attires perform different folk songs.
Members of Khrietho Peli No. 11 (age group) of P Khel commenced their two ‘Kiahe Rütso’ with Northern Angami Public Organisation (NAPO) president Vilie-o Rutsa as the chief guest.
In his address, Rutsa lauded the efforts of the peer group towards passing on the traditional practices of the forefathers to the younger generations, lest it would be fast forgotten. He hoped that the younger generations would be able to witness and also learn from them.
P Khel would be concluding the ceremony tomorrow afternoon with Chairman of Pfüchatsumia, Zeneizo Rutsa as the guest of honour.
On the other hand, members of Ketoukhrie Peli No.11 of Tsutuonuomia Khel started “Sekrenyi Kratsü” at T Khel ground. They would also be sitting till February 18.
Leaders at T Khel told reporters that ‘Hiepu’, ‘Kiahe’ and ‘Kratsü’ are practices of the Angami forefathers, which used to be performed about eight days after Sekrenyi, the festival of purification. But presently, such gatherings are rarely seen, and therefore to uphold and pass on the tradition of the forefathers to the younger generation the peer members of the two khels are holding such gatherings.

By EMN Updated: Feb 17, 2015 11:30:43 pm