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Kohima town CRC youth fellowship silver jubilee concludes

By EMN Updated: Jan 16, 2022 9:05 pm
CYE choir of Union CRC New Market presenting a song during the Kohima Town Christian Revival Youth Fellowship silver jubilee celebration on January 15.

Dimapur, Jan. 16 (EMN): A two-day silver jubilee (1997-2022) of the Kohima Town Christian Revival Youth Fellowship (KTCRYF), which was celebrated at Union Christian Revival Church (UCRC), New Market Road, concluded on Sunday.

In the opening ceremony, Rev. Neikuonyü Zuyie, pastor of CRC Rokabozou, unveiled the jubilee monolith, while the programme was led by Kezevilie Pienyü and song was presented by the CYE choir of Union CRC New Market followed with lighting of jubilee light.

In the special evening ‘Music Fest,’ the jubilee message was delivered by Kekhriengulie Theünuo, convenor of the jubilee organising committee. Representatives from various churches and individuals including CYE of CRC Tsiepfütsiepfhe; CYE of CRC AG Road; CYE of Central CRC; CYE of CRC Merhülietsa; CYE of CRC Bayavü Hill; CYE of CR Mission Church; CYE of Union CRC T Khel Model Village; CYE of CRC Lerie; CYE of Bethesda and CYE of CRC Rokabouzou participated in the event. Music was presented by MMV, Chieli Kro-u, Verbalise band and The Trumpets.

Vizolie Zhale, chairman of KTCRCSC, pronounced the invocation prayer and Diezeneinuo Phira read the Bible.

The devotional service on Sunday began at 9:30 am with Rev. Vitsiepielie Nguzhü, secretary of ACRCC advisory board, as the main speaker on the topic “Jihova meho zotuo” (God will hear me) Micah 7:7.

In the closing ceremony, Ado Kezo, chairman of Beautiful Feet Ministry, spoke on the topic “Uko sielie di chükhe,” while the Bible verses from the Old and New Testaments were cited by Avi Shupao and Vizomenuo Tetso respectively.

KTCRYF office bearers and CYE of Union CRC presented songs, while the offertory prayer was pronounced by the prayer group.

Meanwhile, the new team of office bearers was installed during the programme.

Altogether, representatives from 15 churches attended the jubilee celebration.

By EMN Updated: Jan 16, 2022 9:05:19 pm