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Kohima takes plastic-themed seminars to villages

By EMN Updated: Sep 27, 2019 1:02 am
An administrative official gives a water filter to a member of a village council at Jakhama in Kohima.

Dimapur, Sep. 26 (EMN):
The establishment of the subdivision officer (civil) of Kohima conducted a seminar for three villages on September 26 in Kohima during which the gathering discussed issues concerning plastic and the ban on single-use plastic.

The government publicity agency the department of Information and Public Relations (IPR) gave updates on Thursday informing about the programme.

During the programme, SDO Longasen Lotha spoke about the government’s order to ban all single-use plastic and the efforts and activities being undertaken to create a plastic-free environment. He urged the village leaders and youths to work together to see that the ban is enforced properly and be an example to the rest of the state and the country. He said that the ban should be imposed ‘with seriousness.’ Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and resources for all, the IPR quoted the officer as having said at the event.

Akhrieu Meyase, member of environmental group Green Team gave a detailed presentation about the health hazards of plastic pollution. She spoke about the measures that can be undertaken to curb plastic pollution.

‘We are not just fighting against plastic pollution but it is for our own survival and that citizens of Kohima must take the responsibility collectively and work together and contribute in whatever way we can to reduce plastic pollution,’ Meyase said. She was stated to have emphasised on the rule of three R’s ie., reducing, reusing and recycling, toward achieving the goal of a plastic-free environment, the IPR stated.

Further, Dzuvinguzo Mephuo, president of the Kohima village youth organisation, gave the concluding remarks. He along with the village’s leaders and youths there at the event took a pledge to declare total ban of single-use plastic in all areas in Kohima Sardar with effect from October 1, the IPR stated.

Water filters to village councils

Similarly, a seminar about the ban of single use plastic was conducted at Viswema on September 26 during which water filters were provided to each village council by the district administration to discourage single-use plastic water bottles especially during meetings and gatherings.

Campaigns concerning the ways to implementing the ban on plastic has been going on in different villages with village functionaries, youth leaders, head of educational institutes, women organisations etc in Jakhama, the IPR stated.

The first phase will see the ban on the sale and use of mineral water bottles below 20 litres, ban of polythene bags, disposable plates and cups made from Styrofoam materials, the updates stated.

SDO Alemyapang Longchar spoke at the event. He said that Jakhama being a hub of educational institutes and hospitality services, it should lead the way in the campaign because ‘majority of tourists coming to the state visit the area,’ the IPR quoted the official as having said.

A health officer at Jakhama Dr. Asano pointed out the various harmful effects of plastic on human health and environment. She said that ‘we cannot live without plastics, but we should be aware and cautious on its use since it affects our health.’

Virhelie Kruneilie, a consultant at the Public Health Engineering in Kohima also spoke about how to limit the hazards of plastics and spoke about some of the alternatives that are available, the IPR reported.

By EMN Updated: Sep 27, 2019 1:02:33 am