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Kohima Rappers takes on the ten toes challenge

By EMN Updated: Dec 22, 2016 10:50 pm

The Ten Toes Challenge is an initiative that was started by producer BubbaGotBeatz. The dare is designed for individuals to basically drop bars over a particular instrumental and share one`s story through poetic influence and delivery. Ten toes down literally means to be genuinely committed to something you love or value dearly. On the Kohima version of the jam session the metropolis based youngsters pledge on the responsibility to represent their love for the hometown and share the chronicles involving life in the capital.
Delivering intricate and sleek rhymes that covers themes ranging from personal struggle, flexing inspiration to taking a dig at the system and the current corruption fiasco. The trio emcees consisting of Moko Koza, Macnivil and M-Dox rap and lock their flow in multiple languages of Nagamese, English and Hindi on the track. This they say is to flash their lyrical skills and also reach out to every section of the global community symbolizing unity and cutting across barriers of culture or language.

It may be mentioned here that this is another initiative of Naga Homeboiz to promote the art of Hip-Hop in the state after successfully winding up a major event that idolized similar interest. The whole project was accomplished on a zero budget with co-operation from other Kohima based Hip-Hop artist and individuals. The Music Video which was released yesterday have been a constant hit online and have been rave reviewed positively by listeners and critics alike.
On further conversation with the emcees involved they stated that this is just a tip of the immense potential that lies in the local Hip-Hop scene. We are here to represent and uphold the true essence of how Hip-Hop started as a movement for the oppressed in voicing out there opinion or share narratives and solidarity through various forms of art. Urging all artists from around the region to represent their art for conscience, Naga Homeboiz stated that more activities like this will be introduced phase wise to educate, express and influence the masses for the greater good and benefit of all.

By EMN Updated: Dec 22, 2016 10:50:23 pm