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Kohima police, administration undertake verification of taxis

By EMN Updated: Oct 23, 2013 12:51 am


THE Kohima District Administration and All Nagaland Taxi Association (ANTA) Kohima Unit are jointly conducting verification of all the local taxis in the district to sort genuine permit holders.
The exercise commenced yesterday at Indira Gandhi Stadium, wherein till this afternoon over 600 taxi owners had verified their taxis and would continue till Friday (October 25), while Wednesday will be off.Talking to media-persons, SDO(C) W. Wenyie Konyak and ANTA Kohima Unit president R. Robert Kire said that the increasing number of taxis in the state capital is a matter of concern as there are many taxis plying in the town without proper permit and documents.
Konyak as many permit holders have been indulging in selling the permits at high rates while some are plying by just painting their vehicles black and yellow but without any valid documents.
He said that the verification drive would help in sorting the genuine permit holders as those checked now would be issued with an “OK” car tag from the concerned authority.
He also said that since taxi permit is for those who are unemployed, the authorities are also checking on the number of taxis owned by an individual in order to streamline “One person one taxi permit”.
After the completion of the last date, October 25, the administration would conduct surprise checking and if any vehicle is found without the checked card would be liable for cancellation of all their vehicle documents.
ANTA Kohima Unit president Robert Kire said that even the association is not totally aware on the exact number of taxis plying with actual documents. He therefore said that ANTA Kohiam Unit is extending full cooperation with the District Administration to sort out the genuine permit holders.

By EMN Updated: Oct 23, 2013 12:51:26 am