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Kohima Forest division distributes waste bins

By EMN Updated: Jun 27, 2019 1:14 am

Dimapur, June 26 (EMN): The Forest division of Kohima distributed waste bins to people on June 25 at the range office in Kohima. The event was part of a clean environment-themed programme of the Forest establishment, updates stated. The programme was organized by the department of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.
The government’s publicity agency, the department of Information and Public Relations (IPR) issued updates to the media about the programme.

The program was inaugurated by principal chief Conservator of Forest Rajat S Pal by distributing “eco friendly waste bins” to villagers, the updates stated. During the program, the officer urged the people to make full use of community assets that are provided to them. The district forest officer for Kohima, Rongsenlemla Imchen, spoke about the importance of the community taking responsibility in keeping the environment clean and in maintaining plantations judiciously in the villages. It provides tangible and intangible ecological benefits, she said.

The environmental initiative was started in the year 2017. Schools engaged in raising nurseries and plantations, while self help groups were provided with support to supplement their livelihood.

Lazami goes green
Another updates informed that a group called the Rural Natural Connect at Lazami in Pughoboto circle of Zunheboto district has launched an environmental programme called ‘Grow natural, go green movement.’ It was informed that the subdivision agriculture officer of Pughoboto Myanthung Patton launched the initiative on June 23 at a programme that was conducted in Lazami village’s council hall. Patoon said most of the people were becoming more health conscious and starting to understand the benefit of using organic products. There is a difference in agriculture and technology growth which is resulting in dramatic changes in the productivity, he said.

The officer highlighted agriculture products that are from outside Nagaland which he said are mostly ‘adulterated.’ He urged the community to opt for organic products which are in high demand.

The director of the Rural Natural Connect, Botoshe said that the movement was to commercialize local produce that go to the urban areas. He urged the people to give importance to indigenous seeds. Likewise, he urged villagers and self-help groups to collaborate with the initiative for positive results, the updates stated.

By EMN Updated: Jun 27, 2019 1:14:34 am