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Kohima DTA is overall champion of 26th NTA meet

By EMN Updated: Aug 10, 2013 5:41 pm

Our Correspondent
Kohima, August 9

Kohima District Taekwondo Association (KDTA) has won the overall championship title of at the 26th Nagaland Taekwondo Association meet at held at KohimaScience College Auditorium, Jostoma today.
Chief Secretary of Nagaland, Alemtemshi Jamir, who is also the President NTA distributed the prize to the winners in different categories of competition of the championship hosted by Kohima District Taekwondo Association(KDTA).

The final results

Sub-Junior Boys
Super-Fin Weight
1. Namhei (Kohima)-Gold Medal
2. Limtimew (Kiphire)-Silver Medal
3. N.Dentoi Phom (Longleng )/ Kihoto (Wokha)-Bronze Medals
Fin Weight
1. KevinguzoKeretsu (Kohima)-Gold Medal
2. Nongothung (Wokha )-Silver Medal
3. Lungshan (Longleng)/Udee(Dimapur)-Bronze Medals
Fly Weight
1. Shantanthung (Wokha)-Gold Medal
2. Yimtsithung (Kohima)-Silver Medal
3. Sohil Kumar (Dimapur)/ Tojeal (Mon)-Bronze Medals
Bantam Weight
1. Jenibemo (Wokha)-Gold Medal
2. Nyiklom (Longleng)-Silver Medal
3. Haiboshap (Kohima)/Solimba(Kiphire)-Bronze Medals
Welter Weight
1. Heutingyi (Kohima)-Gold Medal
2. Tsovi Vasa (Dimapur)-Silver Medal
3. Khiantimong- Bronze Medals

Sub-Juniors (Girls)
Feather Weight
1. RenuSaikia (Dimapur)-Gold Medal
Light Weight
1. Jailakshmi (Dimapur)-Gold Medal
Welter Weight
1. Prety Karke (Dimapur)-Gold Medal
Light Middle Weight
1. Nasenhochula (Tuensang)-Gold Medal
Light Heavy Weight
1. Akhrienuo (Kohima)-Gold Medal
2. Sometnaro (Tuensang)-Silver Medal
3. Pratina Nunisa (Dimapur)-Bronze Medals
Junior Boys
Fin Weight
1. Tingnai (Wokha)-Gold Medal
2. Chubatoshi (Mokokchung)-Silver Medal
3. Rahul (Dimapur)/Livshe(Kiphire)-Bronze Medals
Fly Weight
1. K. Atoka (Dimapur)-Gold Medal
2. Tialiba (Mokokchung)-Silver Medal
3. Ruzhehol (Zunheboto)/Lumimewt (Kiphire)-Bronze Medals
Light Weight
1. Akham Phaknyu L (Kohima)-Gold Medal
2. Mayanlambam Raja Meitei (Wokha)-Silver Medal
3. Temjen (Zunheboto)/Pushong (Tuensang)-Bronze Medals
Welter Weight
1. Chechum (Tuensang)-Gold Medal
2. Abnish Kumar (Zunheboto) -Silver Medal
3. Imtikumba (Mokokchung)-Bronze Medals
Light Middle
1. M. Raja Meitei (Dimapur)-Gold Medal
2. Chingkap (Longleng)-Silver Medal
3. YangerMongba (Mokokchung)-Bronze Medals
Middle weight
1. MenuosetuoYiese (Kohima)-Gold Medal
Light Heavy Weight
1. Prasenjit Deka (Dimapur)-Gold Medal
Heavy Weight (Above 78 kgs)
1. Vishal Sharma (Dimapur)
Junior Girls
Middle Weight
1. Yatleh (Mon) –Gold Medal
Light Heavy Weight
1. Kevisanuo Keretsu (Kohima)-Gold Medal
Senior Boys
Light Weight
1. M.Tridebesh (Dimapur)-Gold Medal
Middle Weight
1. Seyievilie (Kohima)-Gold Medal
Heavy Weight
1. Nishi Roy (Dimapur)-Gold Medal
Senior Girls
Bantam Weight
1. Kenei Kire (Kohima)-Gold Medal
Feather Weight
1. Ketholeno Sanyu (Dimapur)-Gold Medal
Middle Weight
1. Deizesekhonuo (Kohima)-Gold Medal

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