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Kohima charts second in crime rate

By Temshinaro Updated: Aug 18, 2016 12:24 am

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 17: Kohima, the capital of the state with a population of 270063 (As per 2011 census) ranks second highest in crime rate after Dimapur district.
The comparative statistics of crime in Nagaland for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 (till June 30) under the Indian Penal Code as provided by the Police Headquarters (PHQ) shows that the crime at the state capital is seen on the rise with 199 cases registered in the year 2014, 213 cases in 2015 and 93 cases the current year till June 30.
The year 2015 witnessed the maximum number of crime in the capital with 213 registered under IPC and 134 under Local and Special Laws (LSL).
Superintendent of Police (SP) of Kohima, Joseph Hesso (IPS), during a short telephonic conversation with Eastern Mirror highlighted that the reason for increase in crime is mostly because the department is working tirelessly in fighting against crimes and that the detection of cases have increased relatively with sufficient man power to curb crime in the district. Supplementing to his positive input, the SP said that this year as many as 56 vehicles have been recovered while detection of ganja in the district have increased moderately. Concerned over the increase in crime against women and children, Joseph Hesso expressed his resentment on such crimes which have become a trend in the present society. He tagged the crime against women and children as a ‘dangerous trend’.
Each crime head under IPC when compared with Dimapur has lesser figures in Kohima. Of all the crimes under both IPC and LSL, Kohima surpasses Dimapur only in one crime head of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS/DC) under LSL. It shows that in the year 2015 as many as 51 cases were registered in Kohima while 24 cases in Dimapur. And for 2016 (till June 30) 19 cases in Kohima and 10 cases in Dimapur.
CRIME  STATISTICS copy copyThe comparative statistics from the year 2014 till 2016 (June 30) of crime head under IPC issued by the PHQ shows that dacoity and counterfeit is nil in all the three years while culpable homicide not amounting to murder has just one case in the year 2015. While theft has a maximum number of cases with 75 cases in 2014, 78 cases in 2015 and 19 cases in 2016 (till June 30).
The comparative report also show that Arms Act under the LSL has come down from 23 cases (2014) to just 7 cases (2015) and 5 cases in 2016.
The crime head under the LSL shows an increased number of crimes with 67 cases in 2014, 134 in 2015 and 54 cases in just 6 months for the year 2016.
Though Kohima ranks second in the state’s crime report, the districts crime is comparatively very less when compared to Dimapur.
Crime in Dimapur for the last three years amounts to 1602 cases while in Kohima its 505 which is not even one-third of the most crime happening district of the state.
The SP Kohima during the telephonic conversation also credited the general public for their cooperation and support in nabbing the culprits.
Speaking on the various computerised activities taking place in the department, the SP lamented that many are ignorant of the various advantages that can help in fighting against crime. He said this while citing an example of ‘Anti Vehicle Theft Spot’ which can be availed by people by just filling up a form as it helps detect stolen vehicle.
He also advised the people to be more alert and cautious of various crimes and should report to police for any kind of crime.

By Temshinaro Updated: Aug 18, 2016 12:24:54 am