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Kohima board clears district’s agenda

By EMN Updated: Sep 16, 2019 11:54 pm
District officials of Kohima at the monthly meeting of the DPDB.

Dimapur, Sep. 16 (EMN): The Kohima District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) met on Sep. 16 in Kohima to discuss issues concerning the district. The meeting was presided over by the advisor for Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Dr. Neikiesalie Kire.
The government publicity agency the department of Information and Public Relations (IPR) issued updates to the media on Monday informing about the meeting.

Grant-in-aid to the Christian School of Tseminyu: The IPR stated that the Sub-Divisional District Planning and Development Board of Tseminyu forwarded the matter to the board. Based on the fulfilment of criteria and recommendation, the board has decided to recommend the case to the government.

Koinonia Baptist school: The committee for verification of the establishment of Koinonia Baptist school at Kezieke in Kohima presented a report stating that “feasibility of parking space was available,” the IPR stated. The school plans for the coming ‘academic year and future as well,’ the IPR explained

In other matters, the board has asked the departments that have not submitted their profiles to submit their reports in the next DPDB meeting. The officials were also asked to ensure that citizens cooperate and make the movement against single-use plastic a success.

Village adoption committees: The board members were asked to finalize and submit their selected village/wards to the DPDB in the next meeting.

In the meeting, the subdivision officer, civil, for Kohima, Longasen Lotha spoke about a proposal for institution of district awards, streamlining of applications/proposals for governor’s award, inter-departmental sport events and enforcement of the ban on the use of single-use plastic, the IPR reported. The board constituted two committees to evaluate and work on the state matters.

Further, the officials were informed about the voter verification facilities that are available for verification and authentication. These include the electoral establishment’s website, voters helpline mobile app, common service centres. The board members were requested to educate the people on the available facilities provided by the Election establishment.

During the meeting, members of three Societies talked about their organisation’s objectives, seeking registration. The board decided to forward it to the government for further action, the IPR added.

By EMN Updated: Sep 16, 2019 11:54:54 pm