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Knights Fall

By EMN Updated: Aug 28, 2017 10:59 pm

By Liyo Kikon

Imagine a pinball game where Knights fight against orcs and other monsters, I know that it is difficult to comprehend that kind of combination but that’s exactly what Knights Fall has done and I must say, it is absolutely fun. Available on iOS and Android as a free download, this game has some seriously great graphics. Speaking of graphics, this game has a top down view which makes it kinda hard to notice all the little details they have in the game and since it is rather fast paced, it only makes it harder to notice just how much work the developers put into the artwork. But being a fast paced game isn’t a bad thing at all because it does one thing very well, and that is the fact that it is very addictive and entertaining.
The way the game works is that you have a slider on the corner of the screen to set the force with which you want the knights to be thrown out and just below the power slider, there’s a button which you need to press to start the game and while playing, you can press that same button again to activate the burst mode which will send your troops out quickly and violently. The knights which shoot out will basically act like ping pong balls and when they hit an enemy, it will either damage them or kill the enemy depending on the enemy’s health. You get a limited number of troops which you can shoot and once the game starts, the troops will automatically be fired continuously. The whole system works like a rapid firing pin ball machine. There are different types of enemies, some big and some small, but get enough of your soldiers to hit the enemies and they will fall. The game doesn’t have a great storyline, and we can clearly see that this game focuses mostly on it being a ‘timepass’ game and since that’s its strength, I have no objection against the storyline. But the levels in this game are rather entertaining and all of them seem to be very unique from each other and that’s a great bonus because you will never get tired of it and at the end of each level, you will be rewarded points and stars and these points are posted in a global leaderboard and depending on how much points you get, you will be awarded a rank in that particular level. That’s a great way to get players to try and beat all the other players around the world.
Aside from the basic attack which utilizes your troops to bash into your enemies, you also get power-ups like rage mode, which will double the attack of the soldiers for 20 seconds. And then there is the explosive which will instantly explode nearby enemies to destroy the enemies and then there is the thunderbolt which will randomly attack the enemies three times. With each level being unique, some of them require you to find the exact amount of power which you need to defeat the enemies since there are elements within the game which can destroy your troops as well, such as spinning blades and to avoid them, you will need to experiment with the power slider to find the sweet spot which can be frustrating at times, especially because the game keeps track of the number of attempts you made in each level. But then, you can always make use of the powers if you just want to finish it quickly because you can only play the same level continuously as long as you have scrolls. These scrolls act like tickets which you will need to enter a level and there are several ways to get scrolls, the first one is by simply completing a level since you will be rewarded a scroll if you finish a level. The other method is to wait because you get a scroll every 20 minutes and the third method is to finish quests to earn scrolls. Like most games, Knights Fall also has several quests and objectives which you can complete to get rewards in the form of additional weapons or scrolls or power-ups and if you get hardcore into this game, you can definitely try to complete all the quests and rule the leaderboard.
If you need a new game on your phone to entertain yourself, I can think of no better than Knights Fall because it has all the elements that makes a great mobile game – simple controls, addictive, and fun. Not to mention that it has good graphics and tons of levels for you to waste time in.

By EMN Updated: Aug 28, 2017 10:59:32 pm
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