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KK Sema: Abettor of Civil War

By EMN Updated: Sep 02, 2017 11:10 pm

During the 25th August 2017 ACAUT rally at Dimapur, this author had categorically mentioned that there would be a “Civil War” if NSCN (IM) and GoI decide to conclude the negotiated settlement without OFFICIALLY INCLUDING the other NNPG Factions of Nagaland AS EQUALS. NSCN (IM) obviously has problem with this statement and so they ask: (Quote): “What better solution has KK Sema for the Naga people and the Government of India by jeopardising the current peace initiatives? Let KK Sema come up with his fond idea of ‘civil war’ to guarantee peace and justice to both the Naga people and the GoI. Let KK Sema give both parties involved his better option, to say that GoI has been so stupid to sustain the political talks for two decades today without first identifying as to who truly represent the interest of the Naga people”.

NSCN (IM) and GoI are you listening?!! This is the answer to the question posed by NSCN (IM): Mark my words carefully: I shall repeat only a part of my opening remark, “Without officially including the other NNPG Factions of Nagaland as equals”. Notice the catch word here: “OFFICIALLY INCLUDING” and…”AS EQUALS”. Whatever be the outcome, this is the only definable HONOURABLE PLATFORM for the Nagas. This is the only recipe for a durable solution! I stand fully convinced of it…and to hell!…Whether NSCN (IM) subscribes to it or not! History has amply shown that India too has never understood the Nagas seriously enough. It is about time they did!

My statement has not only caused a raging venomous debate in the social media mostly between the younger generations from the South of Nagaland border against the rest from Nagaland…but now this band wagon is being joined by NSCN (IM) by trying to dig up irrelevant nonsense about the author only succeeding in further smearing their not so handsome faces. Khekiye K. Sema is not the issue here. The issue is to do with (1) the arrogant inability on the part of NSCN (IM) to accept all the other Factions of Nagaland as equals for the final settlement! (2) The issue here is to do with the arrogant inability on the part of NSCN (IM) to transparently and forthrightly share the contents of the “Framework Agreement” with the stakeholders whose future is possibly being put on the chopping block without being told…who knows?!!!

Let it first be made very clear that ACAUT and this author is not that stupid to try and incite a Civil War. ACAUT is rather trying to reason with blockheads who only have AK 47 as brains… to find their thinking box first and re-examine the issues therein to avoid a civil war. It is the dangerous circumstances of arrogance of non-reconciliation and one up-man-ship attitude of NSCN (IM) which will perpetuate the civil war…Not ACAUT or KK Sema! Now let me explain why the civil war is eminent. The moment NSCN (IM) forms an ‘interim government’ (that the people have been talking about), after their so-called solo ‘solution’…they are bound to ask all Factional NNPGs to surrender their arms and join ‘their mainstream’. Judging by the consistency of GoI declaring that “sovereignty and integration” is not a part of the negotiation, if NSCN (IM) brings home anything less than “full Sovereignty and Integration” all other NNPGs will be determined to continue the struggle…whether they achieve it or not. They will also claim legitimacy and continue to tax the people in the name of “Sovereignty” whether they believe in it or not…as they all are doing right now for their comfort zones. The next step which NSCN (IM) will have no choice but to take as an ‘Interim Government’ is to declare all Naga Factions not surrendering as “Anti-National Outlaws”. A full blown military operation would then be launched to wipe them out. Once this is put into motion the civil population would be transported back in time to the mid-fifties … for no fault of theirs. They will helplessly be stuck in the middle of another pitched battle…this time between Nagas against Nagas and not against Indian Army. There are many from South of the border who accuse me of siding the NNPGs of Nagaland only…and that the same civil war could very well erupt if NNPGs of Nagaland were to bring a solution short of Sovereignty and Integration without the involvement of NSCN (IM). In fact this is absolutely correct! I would not argue about it even for a second. Does this analysis then not bring us to a rational conclusion that this explosive situation of possible civil war can happen if solution is attempted by one party ALONE in exclusion of ALL the others? The only way to avert this looming tragedy is by officially taking on board ALL the Warring Factions as equal partners in the solution with equal responsibility, big or small. Their stupid EGOs…clamouring for the exulted status of “Father of the Nation” must be laid to rest. It makes no sense trying to bring “just peace” through unjust application. The inhuman suffering of the masses in the hands of the Indian Army during those turbulent years has eloquently been expressed by MIP (Mis-Informed People) of GPRN. We the masses do not want the same thing happening to us all over again at the hands of our very own Naga Army because of just one man’s autocratic ego problems of not wanting to reconcile and accept other Naga Brothers-in-arms as equals.

People of Nagaland and Nagas wherever you are…now decide for yourselves who is misleading the Nagas and who is abetting civil war. This author has no animosity or hatred towards the Tangkhul Tribe of Manipur. That is the truth…the whole truth. Without hesitation I would say definitively that there will be decent, honest God fearing Tangkhuls within their community along with their bad eggs same as any other communities around the globe. It is for them to decipher whether they are allowing the smell of their bad eggs to stifle the scent of their decent aroma. The problem lies in NSCN (IM) being synonymous to Tangkhul’s “top heavy autocratic leadership” who arrogantly have shown no respect for reconciliation. Therefore every time a negative reference is made against NSCN (IM), it sounds like a tribalistic jab against the Tangkhuls which necessarily is not the case…but the ground reality makes it look so. The other compelling picture that exists is that there is no one…I repeat…NO ONE…within the establishment of NSCN (IM) who can or have ever dared to question Mr. Muivah’s decisions…not even Late Isak Chishi Swu. No amount of concealment can hide this truth with evidences galore…Mukalimi fiasco being one. This one man army called Mr. Muivah is now singlehandedly dictating the fate of the whole Naga race without telling us what our future is going to be. This is absolutely unpalatable for any Naga standing on honourable ground. Leave aside the general public…except for very few sycophants…who knows anything about the Framework Agreement even within their own cosmopolitan NSCN (IM) ranks?…there is a serious trust deficit even within their own. So now ask yourselves fellow Nagas: Are Nagas struggling for “Sovereignty” so as to lose our individual freedom… as defined in the NSCN (IM)’s Yezabo?! This one man’s dictatorial reign over the masses under the guise of a “Collective Leadership”…( who dare not question their supremo)… has already begun before he even gets a direct governing foothold in Nagaland. God help us when he does get a foothold…facilitated by our not very honourable money hunting, opportunistic representatives called MLAs facelessly endorse the FA without knowing what it contains.

It is the privilege of NSCN (IM) to accuse KK Sema of abetting civil war…but it is equally the privilege of KK Sema to emphatically tell the NSCN (IM) that they are the civil war waiting to be unleashed on the masses…unless God Almighty helps them with humility to climb down from their arrogant perch and join the rest of our other Naga Factions AS EQUALS…now that we are at the cross-road stage of negotiation.

Khekiye K. Sema IAS (Retd.)
E-mail: kksema@gmail.com

By EMN Updated: Sep 02, 2017 11:10:30 pm