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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Kiphire NH 202: Urgent repairs demanded, USSC issue ultimatum

By EMN Updated: May 14, 2024 9:23 pm

DIMAPUR — The United Sangtam Students’ Conference (USSC) has issued a ‘final warning’ to the Chief Engineer of the Public Works Department (National Highway), demanding immediate directions for repairs on a 50-kilometre stretch of National Highway 202 in Kiphire district.

“The USSC in the larger interest of the citizens of the Kiphire district, urgently requests your immediate intervention in directing the contractors to commence urgent road repairs on National Highway 202 from 190.00 Km to 240.00 km, adhering to the terms specified in the contract agreement signed between the department and the contractors,” it said in a letter submitted through the Executive Engineer, PWD (NH Division), Kiphire on Tuesday.

According to the student body, the contract agreement clearly outlined that road repairs would be undertaken within three years to address existing construction challenges.

“Regrettably, the agreed-upon timelines have not been met, and the situation is reaching a critical point.”

Despite repeated appeals, the required repairs have not been initiated, it said, adding that the letter, “serves as a final warning, urging your office to promptly engage with the contractors involved and issue an unequivocal directive, emphasising the gravity of the situation and absolute enforcement to comply with the terms specified in the agreement.”

The USSC has made it clear that no maintenance, security deposit, or performance bills will be released until the necessary repairs are completed. “An action-taken report on the progress of the repair work must be intimated to this office within 15 days from the issue of this letter and strict adherence to this directive is non-negotiable,” it asserted.

Failure to comply with this directive, the USSC warned, will result in legal action and other measures.

By EMN Updated: May 14, 2024 9:23:07 pm
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