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Kikruma honours best performing khels

By EMN Updated: Jan 31, 2020 11:43 pm
Sanitation and beautification committee members along with the village leaders and Khel chairmen with their prize money.

Dimapur, Jan. 31 (EMN): In a run-up to the 75th anniversary celebration of Christianity scheduled in 2022, Kikruma village has constituted ‘Sanitation and beautification committee’ in 2018 with the vision to become one of the cleaniest and the most maintained beauty model village.

In this connection, the committee organised various competitions among the seven khel of the village with cash prize amounting to INR 2,95,000.

A press release from the village authority stated that a total of 3,280 different species of trees were distributed to the villagers for roadside plantation in which every capable person planted their own tree with their name written with the responsibility to nurture.

A total of 7650 ornamental plants/ flowers of different species were also distributed to each household. Besides, about 850 sugarcane cuts were planted.

The villagers were encouraged to construct toilet/ bathroom. Dustbins were also placed in every corner of the village.

The results of an annual competition for the overall activities was announced by committee convener VivolieKezo during the 19th general session of Kikruma Razu Kahϋon on January 31.

It stated that Seba Khel secured the 1st prize with a cash amount of INR 80,000, while the 2nd prize was won by Chipi Rukhro Khel with a cash amount of INR 60,000 and the 3rd prize jointly shared by Phutshuba Khel, Rukhro Khel and Chipi Ruso Khel with a cash amount of INR 30,000 each. Chiku Khel and Phulu Khel won the consolation prizes with a cash amount of INR 20,000 each. Appreciation awards were also awarded to North Kikruma with a cash amount of INR 10,000, Chikri Nasa Pfutsero with INR 10,000) and Ruzazu Ruso with INR 5,000.

The committee convener Vivolie Kezo has acknowledged the relentless contribution of the villagers. Kezo also encouraged the villagers to continue with the same spirit of willingness to build a new Kikruma.

By EMN Updated: Jan 31, 2020 11:43:19 pm