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Kikrüma holds momentous village gate pulling ceremony

By EMN Updated: May 03, 2014 1:02 am

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IT was momentous occasion as the biggest Chakhesang village – Kikrüma under Phek district – came together adorned in the colourful attires yodeling energetic Naga screech ‘hoe hoe hoe’ to ceremonially pull the village gate from Küpandi.
Kikrüma is about 50 kms from Kohima, before reaching Pfütsero under Phek district.The ceremonial village gate pulling covered mandatorily participated by men folk of the village, covered a distance of 6 km from the thick Küpandi forest through the National Highway-150 while the womenfolk and young damsels attired in traditional tresses lined by the road side supporting the pullers with water and refreshment.
Cut from one of the biggest tree of the area, the village gate, called kharü in Chakhesang dialect had a breadth of 4.5 feet with height round 12-13 feet.
It is a rare occasion for the youngsters of the present generation as it was during the forefathers that such ceremony used to be conducted to protect the village from outside force. The ceremony was also marked by observing Kürünyi, an occasion observed seeking blessing for good health and ensuing agricultural activities.
Today, Kikrüma village conducted the ceremony almost after half-a-century in order to set up a gate on the Eastern front.
Such occasion also strengthened the age-old friendship and cordial relationship of the village with other near and far villages. The day witnessed villagers from far and near joining Kikrümi even in pulling the gate and also reasserting their age old relationship.
Even as the NH-150 was blocked for about half-an-hour, the travelers also had a glimpse of traditional practice of the village.
Arriving the Kohima view point, known as Müzentsükü, the ceremonial service was held with the leaders from villages conveying appreciation and also asserting to uphold the ties with Kikrüma.
Kikruma Village Council chairman Vezohü Tünyi said the village gate brings friendship, peace, unity and most importantly act as safeguard to the villagers in the event of any unfortunate dreadful ailments or warfare in the past.
In the present society, he said the village gate signifies the essence of better understanding, togetherness, peace and unity among the villagers.
In the service, chairman village council Kikrüma Vezohü Tünyi delivered the welcome address while Pastor of Kikrüma Baptist Church Dzüthohü Kezo read the word of the God and invoked blessing. Kikrüma village GB Vesayo Puro shared a brief history of the village while president Kikrüma Razu Kühu Thipuzhoyo Thira conveyed gratitude.
Kürünyi festival is observed from May 2-4 every year by the villagers. The festival is primarily to invoke the blessing from above for a favourable climate and productive yield of the sowing crops. No terrace cultivation is carried out prior to the observation of this festival.
Representatives from friends’ villages of P. Khel and T. Khel of Kohima village, Yoseba, Thipuzu, Mesulumi, Thenyizu, Porba, Sakhabama, Mezoma, Thetsumi, Lekromi, Kami, Pfutseromi, K. Basa, Sakraba and several others also joined the historic event.

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