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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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KhruSen’s Servicing Agency: A Zero-Investment Business

By EMN Updated: Feb 24, 2021 10:29 pm

Many Naga households struggle with getting household help. We are dependent on our helpers on a fulltime basis. The idea of part-time help is disagreeable to us and our attitude is to always and only and forever look for full time help.  Isn’t it time for that attitude to change? An alternative comes in the form of efficient and professional household services by a new-born enterprise calling themselvesKhruSen’s Servicing Agency.

Sisters Khruvotalu Ringa and Senekholu Ringa are both college graduates. After finishing their education, the sisters’ first introduction to adult life was the reality of unemployment and the difficulty in getting a job even if one were young and willing. However, one thing they did not lack was a creative bent of mind. Soon, they came up with KhruSen’s Servicing Agency launching it on the 17th of February 2021, ‘three months after our graduation from Kohima College’ as they stated. In reply to my question about the name of their agency, they explained, ‘KhruSen is taken from the first syllable of our names, Khruvotalu and Senekholu.’

The ingenious approach will fill a great need in domestic life and help young families to have quality time together as their workload is decreased considerably. Many domestic duties can be outsourced to the agency and this will contribute to educated unemployed youths earning a livelihood. It can be a win-win situation for both sides.

Khruvotalu Ringa and Senekholu Ringa

The sisters are clear about their objectives and goals in starting this agency. They say,

‘We started the agency with a specific goal in mind and that is to promote and encourage household services, to empower youths and women by encouraging dignity of labour which we believe should be given high respect in the job industry. We wanted to organise a platform to generate income without investment, by using the knowledge and skills we acquired from the kitchen ever since our childhood.

We knew deep inside that we wanted to achieve something big and phenomenal. We wanted to do something very unique, something that requires no investments, particularly in Nagaland. We would come up with different ideas but most of them require hefty investments, so we would abandon them and start anew. We also wanted to offer our services like housekeeping, babysitting and organising interiors for people in need of them such as young families, working mothers or elderly people.’

The sisters point to their mother as their mentor and guide who taught them all that she knew. It was in this manner that they learned the works of the household, and their mother also taught them never to think it was below their dignity to do such work. They cite her as their constant inspiration, especially in the teaching she repeated to them: ‘respect dignity of labour’ – a lesson they are putting into practice very well today.

Their experiences with job-hunting were disappointing as different companies wanted people with high qualifications and former experience. Instead of remaining discouraged, the sisters decided to use the skills they have. Not only are they establishing a business that is important for them, but they are also interested in recruiting young people in the same boat as them, those who are unsuccessfully looking for jobs. They are very aware this is a new venture and people will take time to get used to a company offering the services that they offer. KhruSen’s Servicing Agency includes varied services such as Cleaning houses, Gardening, Baby-sitting, Arranging home libraries, Assisting at birthdays, parties and weddings, etc. The young, friendly and outgoing pair are open to taking on more services as dictated by time and opportunity.

Khruvotalu and Senekholu were already successful in getting their first job the day after they launched their project. Their first client was a lecturer from their old college. They described the client as kind and friendly, and completing the job gave them a great sense of accomplishment. The sisters say that their former lecturers from Kohima College are very encouraging of them in their venture.

The future is already bright for this sister duo. Their slogan is, ‘think big and plan big.’ They have drafted their future plans and decided how to execute them. One of the plans is to provide employment on a part-time basis. They themselves faced the problem of not being able to get part-time work during their student days. They dream of expanding their office into branches in other districts and broadening their horizons. By starting the agency, they have discovered that joblessness exists only because the potential of other fields have not been explored fully. 

 This is the dream that Khruvotalu and Senekholu are dreaming: ‘We envisage that our agency would be a leading agency reaching out to thousands of people. We also envision our agency being awarded for providing the best services to both the clients and employees. We see KhruSen as a game changer in the business industry while leading the business to a higher level.  We believe that KhruSen will be able to strike big deals and projects and give employment to thousands of youths, housewives or women, literate and illiterate people who are creative which will ultimately eradicate poverty and help destitute people.’

We can all have a part in this. It won’t take so much on our parts to help them make that dream come true.  They are filling a much-needed gap in community life and deserve to be uplifted by the rest of us.

Easterine Kire

By EMN Updated: Feb 24, 2021 10:29:12 pm