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Khonoma Rüffüno sports meet concludes

By EMN Updated: Aug 25, 2019 10:24 pm
Winners of half marathon (senior citizens category) seen here after the race on August 24.

Dimapur, Aug. 25 (EMN): The 75th Khonoma Rüffüno sports meet concluded at the Keziekie ground, Khonoma village on August 24.

The sports meet is a prelude to the 75th Platinum jubilee celebration to be held on September 1, which is marked as Khonoma Rüffüno Day, stated an update received here on Sunday.

Football, volleyball and arm wrestling events were organised in the three-day Rüffüno sports meet.

Units from Khonoma, Dzuleke, Kohima, Sechü Zubza, Medziphema and Dimapur and beyond participated in the sports meet.

A half marathon themed “Reserve, Conserve, Preserve” to promote green practice, sanitation, and conservation efforts was also organised covering 22 kms, starting from Kohima to Khonoma village.

273 participants took part in the event consisting of young, old, women and children.

The marathon was flagged off by Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) administrator Kovi Meyase.


Marathon (senior citizens category)

1st: Vozoto Meyase (Khonoma unit)

2nd: Kezevikho Zhünyü (Medziphe unit)

3rd: Megoselie Vakha (Kohima unit)

Marathon (men)

1st: Pelesekho Zhünyü (Medziphe unit)

2nd: Avikho Dolie (Khonoma unit)

3rd: Vikhotso Kruse (Khonoma unit)

Marathon (women)

1st: Megorieno  Rürhie (Khonoma unit)

2nd: Kerüvikhono Chase ( Khonoma unit)

3rd: Rokometono Mor ( Khonoma unit)

Arm wrestling (men)

1st: Chatha Terhüja (Medziphe unit)

2nd: Zhaputso Khate (Dimapur unit)

Football (men)

Champion: Khonoma Rüffüno Medziphe

Runners-up: Khonoma Rüffüno Khonoma

Volleyball (women)

Champion: Khonoma Rüffüno Khonoma

Runners-up: Khonoma Rüffüno Dzüleke

By EMN Updated: Aug 25, 2019 10:24:27 pm