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Khiamniungan Sports Council meet 2022 concludes

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2022 8:24 pm
The special guest along with the players and organisers at the closing ceremony in Noklak on Monday. (DIPR)

Dimapur, Jan. 17 (EMN): The Khiamniungan Sports Council (KSC) meet 2022 concluded with H Haiying, advisor for Prisons, Printing and Stationery as the special guest at public ground, Noklak Hqs. on Monday.

Stating that sports should be taken up as a career, Haiying advised to avoid intoxicants and work hard, while appreciating the KSC for organising the event and giving a platform to the sport persons of the district, a DIPR report informed.

During the sport meet, KSC felicitated Tsuchoi T of Kusong village, Songmo P of Thangnokyan village, Niansai T of Thang village, Muchiu K of Thangnokyan village and Shangchiu T Khiamniungan of Sanglao village for representing the district at the state and national level.

The certificates were handed over by Haiying during the occasion.

Earlier, Thangnokyan village emerged as the champions in football and Pathso Noking village as the runner-up.

In badminton (men’s double), New Pangsha won the first position, while Pathso village secured the second position. In badminton (women’s double), Pathso village got the first position and Thang village secured the second position.

Tangsoi P of Nokhu village won the crossbow competition. Thangem P of Nokhu Noking village and Chiming S of Cholangan village secured the second and third positions respectively.

In the half marathon (men), Lemchiu Y Khiam of Sanglao village won the first position, S Pongom of Sanglao Village claimed second position and T Longkhoi of Thang Village got the third position.

Jumie Y of Sanglao village won the half marathon (women), while Nuchai S Meyo of Sanglao village and S Shongmao Khiamniungan of Sanglao village secured second and third position respectively.

In volleyball (men), New Pangsha emerged as the winner. Old Pangsha secured the runner-up. And in volleyball (women) Choklangan Village were declared the winners, while Kingniu village claimed the runner-up.

President, Khiamniungan Tribal Council (KTC), M Thangou also spoke during the occasion, while P Pukha, president of Badminton Association, Noklak, delivered the welcome address, it said.

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2022 8:24:15 pm