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Khango-led NSCN (K) asks Indian government to fulfil its demands

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jul 04, 2019 12:26 am

Eastern Mirror Desk
Dimapur, July 3: The NSCN (K) led by Khango Konyak has expressed its discontent over the indifferent attitude of the Indian government towards the “indispensable issues” it had raised before signing ceasefire agreement.

In a press release issued through its MIP, the group has reminded that it had placed a four-point demand to the government of India before signing the ceasefire: Release of political prisoners unconditionally; removal of terrorist tag on NSCN (K); removal of bounty placed on NSCN leaders; and revocation of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act and disturbed area tag in Naga areas.

The group has asked the Centre to adhere to its commitment while lamenting that there has been “no positive outcome” to its demands till date.

A source from the group told Eastern Mirror that its cadres are not yet to be released from the jail, and one of them received interim bail but was rejected later.

According to the statement from the MIP, its demand for release of political prisoners and removal of terrorist tag are viable as the cadres will automatically be released once the “terrorist tag” is removed.

‘We can’t stay in peace when our brother in arms, with whom we ate, slept and fought together with unbroken spirit as if there is no tomorrow, are still languishing in jail with harsh reality,’ the group said.

If they randomly arrest our cadres in spite of the commitment given (to us) during the signing of ceasefire, the agreement is of no use, the source told this newspaper, while claiming that the law enforcing agencies had recently taken away arms from its cadre saying that it was to conduct “forensic test” related to a case.

“We are in a ceasefire but that doesn’t give the Indian army the right to harass us,” he lamented.

While asking the Indian security forces to stop harassing the group without any valid reason, it said “arrogant and adamant approach may result in escalation of hostilities.” It also alleged that the Indian army has violated the ceasefire ground rules on a few occasions.

It said the Centre should differentiate between the two NSCN (K) factions led by Khango Konyak and Yung Aung as the group led by the former has signed a ceasefire agreement with the government of India, and hence should look into its demands.

The Khango-led NSCN (K) has warned the “other group not to meddle in the officials as well as financial affairs as long as we don’t interfere in your internal affairs (sic)” and asked other NNPGs to refrain from giving such step-brotherly treatment. It went on to say that if such incidents happen it would retaliate and “the NSCN K shall take no responsibility if such occurrence takes place.”

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jul 04, 2019 12:26:49 am