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Kezhaseluo-o wins 61st NASA Wrestling Meet

By Our Correspondent Updated: Feb 06, 2020 11:19 pm
(From right to left) Champion Kezhaseluo-o Pienyü, Khrietsonyü Whuorie, Menuosetuo Yiese and Seyiekhrietuo Yiese, all from Kohima village, celebrate after the wrestling competition on Thursday, at Khuochiezie local ground in Kohima.

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Feb. 6 (EMN):
21 years old Kezhaseluo-o Pienyü defeated Khrietsonyü Whuorie in the final of the 61st Northern Angami Sports Association ( NASA ) Wrestling Meet at Khuochiezie local ground in Kohima on Thursday evening .

Kezhaseluo-o who stands 6’33” and weighs122 kg toppled 21 years old Khrietsonyü in the two straight bouts and walked home richer with INR 80,000 as the new champion of NASA . While Khrietsonyü another wrestler with 5’7” and 90 kg had to be content with INR 50,000 as the runner-up .

Earlier, Kezhaseluo-o dropped defending champion Menuosetuo Yiese twice in the second semi-final match . Khrietsonyü was given a walk over in the first semi-final match as his opponent Seyiekhrietuo Yiese couldn’t turned up for the match due to a leg injury .

Seyiekhrietuo was injured while grappling with Vizakietuo Suohu during the quarterfinal round although he won the final bout to go through to the semifinals .Menuosetuo who was declared the third position title holder in the event Seyiekhrietuo was forced to quit . Menuosetuo received INR 30,000 while Seyiekhrietuo pocketed INR 20,000 as the fourth position holder .

The four title winners are all from Kohima village .
Altogether, 60 wrestlers from 29 villages under Northern Angami region competed at the wrestling meet .

The wrestlers were further divided into four groups – NASA ‘ A ‘ , NASA ‘ B ‘ , NASA ‘ C ‘ and NASA ‘ D ‘ .

NASA ‘ A ‘ consisted of Kohima village while NASA ‘ B ‘ included Chedema, Rüsoma, Dihoma and Kijümetouma villages .

NASA ‘ C ‘ comprised of Chüziema, Meriema, Tsiesema, Nerhema, Tsiese Basa, Nerhe Model, Zhadima, Phekerkriema, Viphoma, Nerhe Phezha, Ziezou and Phekerkriema Basa .

NASA ‘ D ‘ included Chiechama, Nachama, Teichüma, Seiyhama , Tuophema, Gariphema, Botsa, Tseimekhuma , Seiyha Phesa, Tsiemekhu Basa, Gariphe Basa and Tuophe Phezou .

Er. Kezhazelhou Theünuo , chief engineer of National Highway, PWD graced the inaugural function as the special guest .

On Friday, the junior category wrestling will begin at 9:00 am . Altogether, 40 wrestlers from the northern region will compete .

By Our Correspondent Updated: Feb 06, 2020 11:19:09 pm