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Kaziranga campers finds their way home, received with hostile greetings

By Our Reporter Updated: Jul 15, 2017 12:33 am
The legislators’ vehicles being greeted with placards on their return by the protestors who had gathered to demonstrate against their camping in Kaziranga at Chumukedima on Friday July 14.

Staff Reporter
Dimapur, July 14 (EMN): Ever since the drama of NPF led government started in Nagaland- sarcastic comical memes have been spreading in social medias with the state legislators getting trolled over their antics and the now customary escape to a well-known resort at Kaziranga.
Carrying placards saying “Selfish politicians don’t deserve honourable seats”, “Stop desperate games”, “Don’t play with public votes”, “We don’t need corrupt leaders” and “Stop desperate games”, Chumukedima citizens and 4 Ghaspani I NPF party protesters decried the dissident legislators and the current tussle taking place over the honourable Chief Minister chair.
The protest organised by 4 Ghaspani I NPF, whose Independent MLA N. Jacob Zhimomi is not among the Kaziranga group, demonstrated on Friday near Chumukedima gate 2 with participation from the Chumukedima NPF Unit, Chumukedima Mothers Association (CMA) and citizens of Chumukedima.

Annoyed over the frequent tussle among the state legislators, CMA President Dievilhoutuono expressed disappointment over their repeated clash for power and questioned ‘how long they will play the game over the expense of the state development’. Similar sentiment was shared by the Chumukedima citizen protestors while conveying that the public henceforth will endorse a party that is ‘united and have genuine concern for the public’.

Chumukedima NPF unit President Khriesavilie Sekhose, while asserting that the ongoing NPF led government imbroglio was the third crisis, he said this conduct of the legislators’ exemplifies that they have no concern towards the public who are suffering in the midst of their drama.
While the already annoyed protestors were silently, yet enthusiastically demonstrating their placards, the dissident legislators who finally returned from Kaziranga was welcomed by the protestors- who were still protesting coincidentally or orchestrated – some with profanities while they passed through the Chumukedima road on their way to the state capital at around 5 pm.
Minutes after the hostile greetings by the protestors, a 39 seconds video which was recorded by some anonymous person(s) went viral in social media while the legislators continued to be trolled. As per sources, the legislators coming back from Kaziranga halted at Former Chief Minister T.R.Zeliang’s residence before proceeding to Kohima.

By Our Reporter Updated: Jul 15, 2017 12:33:38 am