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Kavita Acharya adopts a govt middle school

By EMN Updated: Oct 09, 2014 1:05 am


Kavita Acharya, wife of the Governor of Nagaland PB Acharya, has embarked on a novel voluntary mission by adopting a government school to personally contribute towards it by way of imparting knowledge to students.
The 71 year-old education enthusiast made an introductory visit to her newly adopted school, the D-Khel Government Middle School (GMS) at Seikhazou on Wednesday where she will be teaching English, Math and Hindi for classes 6 to 8 twice a week as a guest teacher. The school was identified and recommended to her by the Department of School Education (DoSE).
During the visit, Kavita Acharya interacted with the teachers and the management authorities of the GMS and talked about the need to work together diligently in guiding students to become responsible citizens. She also expressed her willingness to help the school regarding any problems and said that she will do her best to help find solution to the problems.
The school management authorities apprised her about the school and informed that the school has a current enrolment of 315 students with 10 different classes (Classes A-8) and 19 teaching staff. Later, she visited the classrooms to greet the students.
She was accompanied by DoSE joint director Ruovihulie Angami and VEC chairman, D-Khel GMS, Zaputuo Khezhie.
Mention may be made here that Governor PB Acharya had earlier announced about this voluntary mission during his maiden interaction with the state media fraternity on September 11 at the Raj Bhavan, Kohima.
Stating that his concerns lie mainly on education, which he described, is the basic tool for empowering the youth, he said it was alarming to learn that nearly 70% of government school teachers across the state are not in station. “We cannot allow our younger generations to be deprived of education,” he stated. Towards this, he informed that his wife, Kavita Acharya who is a MA B.Ed, is preparing to adopt one government school to serve as a guest teacher.
The Governor had then called upon all educated housewives, retired government servants and any person empowered in education from all parts of the state to consider adopting government schools where there are shortage of teachers and help students in particular and the society as a whole.
If adopted into a trend by likeminded educated people, this voluntary mission could contribute greatly to the school education sector for a state that currently sees a shortfall of over a thousand teachers, particularly for subjects like math and science.

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