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Karbi-Rengma strife a calculated move: AIKNA

By EMN Updated: Jan 08, 2014 1:36 am


ALL India Karbi National Assembly (AIKNA) have taken exception to the term “so –called organisation” by the Rengma Naga People Council while referring to them. In a letter of response to Mr.Solomon Rengma, General Secretary of the RNPC the AIKNA have questioned why in a write up Mr. Rengma made no mention of the assault of some Karbis on December 14, 2013. The Karbis them convened a peace meeting the following day and when the peacemakers went to handover a letter they were so called mercilessly assaulted by so called fluent Assamese speaking militants.The eight hundred odd worded letter also alleges that a third force is working to cause a rift between the Rengma Nagas and the Karbi communities. The AIKNA states that they believe a few misled Rengmas and Karbis are being used by government agencies to bring aboiut irreparable division between the two.
The letter also addresses issues such as representations of Rengmas to the Autonomous Council and warns that the size of their small population have been a setback to the Rengma community.
The AIKNA states “the total population of the Rengma people is not more than 18000 according to the version of some Rengma leaders. However, the total voters of the Rengma are about 4000 only. Mr. K. Solomon has claimed that the Rengmas would join with other “28 non-Karbi communities of Rengma Hills”. However, in the actual Rengma inhabited areas there only Karbis and Rengmas. There are no other communities. Out of the two, that is Karbi and Rengma, the Karbis are majority. Both of the communities are in a very bad economic condition. If Mr. K. Solomon Rengma aimed at creating Rengma Hills of the whole of eastern Karbi Anglong measuring 8700 sq.Km, the Rengmas will be a microscopic minority in the district he proposed of making.”
The letter then also alludes to the presence of other communal forces that could prove a threat to the Rengma community.
It ends with a call to maintain a positive relationship between the Rengmas and the Karbis and a need of dialogue after news of the death of nine Karbis.
The AIKNA have also expressed gratitude to the Nagas and the government of Nagaland for all help and sympathy in the last few days.

By EMN Updated: Jan 08, 2014 1:36:29 am