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Karbi language to become official language in KAAC

By Vivian Longki Rongpi Updated: Sep 03, 2022 10:20 pm
Karbi official language meeting
CEM Tuliram Ronghang and others during the meeting.

Our Correspondent
Diphu, Sep. 3 (EMN):The Chief Executive Member (CEM), Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC), Tuliram Ronghang convened a meeting with all stakeholders to discuss on making Karbi the official language of KAAC and an associate language in Assam as per clauses 3.2 and 3.4 of the MoS 2021.

During the meeting at Arboretum cum Craft Centre in Diphu on Sep.2,  it was stated that the six armed organisations on Sep. 4, 2021 signed a tripartite agreement with the government of Assam and the government of India where in clause 3.2 of the agreement said that the government of Assam will consider favourably the proposal of KAC to notify Karbi as the official language of KAAC. However, Hindi, English and Assamese would also continue to be used for official purposes.

While clause 3.4 says, ‘the government of Assam shall set up a committee to study the demand for notifying the Karbi language as an associate language in Assam. The committee will also recommend measures to further strengthen and popularise the Karbi language at the national level including a suitable script in consultation with the Karbi Literary Society and other Karbi organisations.’ 

Chaired by Ronghang, the meeting was attended by various stakeholders, leaders of Karbi Lammet Amei and Karbi Cultural Society and leaders of various students and youth organisations who gave in their views and suggestions.

The stakeholders have also agreed to make the Karbi language as the official language in KAAC and an associate language in Assam. The stakeholders have also appreciated the six armed organisations in taking due importance for the promotion and development of the Karbi language by including it in the MoS.

Showing acceptance from all stakeholders in making Karbi language an official language in KAAC and associate language in Assam, the CEM said the KAAC will discuss with the state government to make a notification in making Karbi language as the official language under KAAC.

Apart from this the CEM also clarified in the meeting that there is no boundary issue with Meghalaya.

“The recent claim by both the government of Meghalaya and Assam in resolving inter-state boundary dispute is not going to affect West Karbi Anglong. The Block – I and Block – II areas are within West Karbi Anglong,” said the CEM.

By Vivian Longki Rongpi Updated: Sep 03, 2022 10:20:20 pm
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