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Karbi Anglong: Jamson Timung faction of KSA criticises Assam CM

By Vivian Longki Rongpi Updated: Mar 07, 2022 10:37 pm
KSA officials at the press conference in Diphu on Monday. (EM Images)

Our Correspondent

Diphu, March 7 (EMN): Karbi Students Association (KSA) of Jamson Timung faction has criticised the statement of chief minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma for calling Karbi Anglong a ‘super state’ and said it should not play with the sentiments of the people of Karbi Anglong.

In a press conference held at the office of District Press Club of Karbi Anglong (DPCKA), Moniram Teron said the KSA vehemently condemned the CM for mocking the autonomous state issue by calling ‘Karbi Anglong as a super state’.

The CM, while addressing a press conference at CEM’s bungalow in Diphu on Sunday said, “Karbi Anglong has come up with numerous infrastructure developments comparing to Nagaland, Meghalaya and Mizoram. It has become a super state more than an autonomous state”.

“Such comment by the CM is highly condemnable for hurting the sentiments of the people and should be aware that autonomous state is a long aspiration of the people of Karbi Anglong,” Teron said.

The KSA also sought the immediate implementation of Article 244(A) of the Indian constitution for granting autonomous state to the three hill districts of Karbi Anglong, West Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao.

The CM should stop playing with the emotion of the people of Karbi Anglong or else he will be boycotted, the statement read.

KSA general secretary, Ramsing Tokbi said, ‘The people of Karbi Anglong have been demanding an Autonomous state for many years, where many people have lost their lives during the Autonomous state movement in Karbi Anglong’.

By Vivian Longki Rongpi Updated: Mar 07, 2022 10:37:29 pm