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Kangtsüng citizens resolve to curb corruption

By EMN Updated: Apr 10, 2017 12:40 am
Section of Kangtsüng citizens attending the three-day seminar.
Section of Kangtsüng citizens attending the three-day seminar.

Dimapur, April 9 (EMN): Kangtsüng village under Mokokchung district has taken a thoughtful initiative of moral rearmament among its citizens to keep themselves prepared to confront every corrupt system in the society that erodes the value of citizenship day by day.

The moral issue was deliberated seriously amongst the citizens during the three-day seminar organised by the Kangtsüng Union, Tuli, on the theme “Equipped citizen” from April 7 to 9 which was held at Rajeshwari Karuna School, Tuli.

In an attempt to identify the causes that ail the society today, the resource person of the programme, K Temjen Jamir, Editor of Tir Yimyim, lamented saying, ‘We have made ourselves very vulnerable to the temptations of amassing wealth without work and jobs without labour instead of trying to enhance the moral and cultural values that are passed on to us by our parents.

He pointed out that instead of condemning the corrupt system and discouraging dishonest people, ‘we have made the most corrupted people in our society a ‘Very Important Person’ as if they are our model in every occasion and activity of our lives. In this regard, he said it was one of the reasons how we became as active competitors in the race of corruption and consequently lost moral values.

The resource person regretted that the younger generation of Aos in particular and Nagas in general failed to inherit the valued legacy and status of older generation, adding instead of inheriting good legacy by becoming better persons in our society, we have reduced ourselves to beggar status.

“It’s a big humiliation to our parents and great failure to our future generation,” he said with deep regret.

He encouraged the citizens to emulate the Roman Centurion principles, where patriotism, voluntarism, selfless sacrifice and service with great physical endurance were the main weapons to fight the enemy and serve the nation.

Group discussions and sports were the highlights of the programme. Leaders and elders from the village exhorted the participants to make themselves well equipped morally and intellectually to overcome the ill system of the society.

The seminar was attended by more than five hundred men below the age of sixty. The three-day seminar programme was sponsored by Subo Longkumer and family.

By EMN Updated: Apr 10, 2017 12:40:00 am