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Friday, February 23, 2024

KAAC observes 126th  birth anniversary of Sarsing Teron

By Vivian Longki Rongpi Updated: Feb 07, 2024 11:42 pm

DIPHU — Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) on Wednesday observed the 126th birth anniversary of Sarsing Teron, the first president of Karbi organisation who spearheaded the movement for a separate district or administration for the Karbis held at Sarsing Teron Memorial town hall in Diphu.

The celebration was organised by Art and Culture department of KAAC.

During the programme, the chief executive member (CEM) of KAAC, Tuliram Ronghang, paid floral tribute and offered prayer at the statue of late Sarsing Teron, the secretary of erstwhile Karbi movement. He was joined by executive members and MACs.

Speaking on the occasion Tuliram has described Sarsing Teron as the founding president of Karbi Adorbar, which the present generations have forgotten him.

“The people of Karbi know who late Semson Sing Ingti is. He is the general secretary of Karbi Adorbar. People honour him and give due recognition. But for late Sarsing Teron, who is the founding president of Karbi Adorbar has been forgotten. It was he together with the late Ingti, who spearheaded for a separate administrative set-up for the Karbis in Assam.

Through their selfless dedication and persistence, the united Mikir and North Cachar Hills district was formed on November 17, 1951, now Karbi Anglong, and West Karbi Anglong. We should not for the great leader like the late Teron and should honour him with great respect,” Tuliram said.

He declared Teron as the ‘Father of Karbis’ or ‘Father of Karbi Anglong.

A booklet titled ‘Short life sketch of Sarsing Teron (Langkung Habe)’ was released by the CEM.

By Vivian Longki Rongpi Updated: Feb 07, 2024 11:42:01 pm
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