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Monday, June 05, 2023

Journey Towards Success

By The Editorial Team Updated: May 24, 2023 12:08 am

The performance of candidates from Nagaland in the UPSC examinations over the past few years is nothing short of an inspiration for young minds as well as the public. This year saw four of them — Yimkum Ozukum, Vevotolu Kezo, Imkongnukla Ao and Aotula Ozukum – cracking the prestigious civil services examination, an increase from two last year. The trend that followed after Richard Yanthan ended the state’s 13-year-long UPSC drought in 2020 is encouraging and the momentum should be maintained. Such success stories, be it academics, sports or entrepreneurship, lift the spirits of the people and instill confidence in young students. The current impressive performance should encourage youth in the state to work hard and persevere in order to excel in the field of their choice. Most success stories are written with the ink of tears and sweat; it doesn’t come easy. So, a good support system is vital towards climbing the ladders of success. The role of family and educational institutions in shaping the life and career of a person is also immense. Sadly, many capable and bright students, especially from poor families and rural areas, stop short of achieving their big dreams because of various reasons including financial issues and lack of support. Young people need a little push and unceasing support to achieve their goals. The government and society also should provide conducive environment for learning, which is a prerequisite for excelling in life.

Legislators and officials have been painting a pessimistic picture of employment opportunities in the state by repeatedly reminding the youths that state government jobs have reached saturation point, while encouraging the youth write central service exams, pursue entrepreneurship and other professions. As if in response to these appeals, aspirants from the state have stepped up, be it in competitive exams, sports or business. Now the state government should back its rhetoric by providing a robust support system to those willing to sweat out for success. Emphasis should be given to imparting quality education to the young minds. The government needs to invest more on education by establishing colleges that offer professional and vocational courses. Such an initiative will not only equip youth to compete with the best but also turn the state into an educational hub for neighbouring states and beyond. Availability of employable graduates will also attract big firms to invest in the state. More attention should be paid to rural areas that have been deprived of quality education for decades. It should start by reviving government educational institutions in remote areas that are plagued by lack of infrastructure, shortage of teachers and rampant practice of proxy teaching. Children in remote areas should be taken along in the journey towards excellence. Success stories should come from every corner of the state and not just some pockets.

By The Editorial Team Updated: May 24, 2023 12:08:46 am