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Jotsoma village responds on KSC encroachment

By EMN Updated: Jul 31, 2013 1:44 am

Dimapur, July 30

A number of leaders from Jotsoma Village Council (JVC) today issued a statement stating what is believed to be a response to allegations of encroachment into land areas of Kohima Science College in Jotsoma. A memorandum appended by eight citizens led by chairman of the council and secretary, Golepra Peseyie and Seyielhuzo Medoze, and addressed to the deputy commissioner of Kohima was received here today.
The memorandum said that the people of Jotsoma had given sufficient land for the establishment of the science college. “When the Science College was taken over by the government of Nagaland in 1964, some of the then senior most officials of the government again asked the people of Jotsoma to give necessary land for a future university. The people positively responded the request generously by accepting a nominal compensation,” the statement said.
“After having built some necessary constructions, the Kohima Science College was shifted to the present site in 1968. However, further developments have been kept stagnant for many years.”
Unexpectedly, the memorandum explained, “two of the most envied parts” of the college’s areas were given to the Public Health Engineering department and Doordarshan respectively. Moreover the district authority also started allotting some plots of land to individuals and societies in various parts of the acquired land, the JVC statement alleged.
“As a result, the village authority submitted a representation to the concerned minister on 17 October 1990 AD stating that the whole area acquired for the science college and a future university must be utilized solely for educational purposes and allotment for other purposes should not be entertained.”
Accordingly, the concerned ministry of the state directed the district authority not to allot any plot of land to individuals or organizations in science college’s area, on 29 November 1990. However, allotment of plots continued, the statement said.
“Again on 19 February 1998, the then deputy commissioner (of) Kohima gave an order which (said), ‘notice is hereby given to all encroachers including allotees and landowners to remove all structures in the encroached area within a period of 15 (fifteen) days,’” the memorandum explained.
“Besides, some of the landowners have been pleading the concerned authority from time to time not to allot any plot of land to individuals. But it is very unfortunate and highly regrettable that the district authority, the Science College authority, other societies and the students’ bodies have been slumbering for 23 years and remained as some mute spectators to witness how the right thinking people of Jotsoma quarrel with the encroachers.”
The citizens said to have found “now that some allotment orders have been issued to individuals by the district authority as recent as 2009.”
The “sincere will” of the people of Jotsoma “was and is to utilize the whole acquired area solely for the purpose of education for the interest of present and coming generations,” the memorandum said.
The JVC statement added: “Under the given facts, we the people of Jotsoma sincerely appeal the concerned authorities and the different societies who have serious concern for Science College that if you are truly for the interest of the Kohima Science College Jotsoma and our young generations, the authority of Jotsoma is always ready to give full co-operation. But if you are not truly for it, please shed crocodile tear no more.”

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