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Join ACAUT, NAYO urges youth

By EMN Updated: Nov 21, 2013 1:27 am


ONE of most influential organizations in the Angami Naga community, the Northern Angami Youth Organization (NAYO), has officially sounded a clarion to all the youths of the tribe to join the movement against extortion (“illegal taxation”). The NAYO has called upon the community’s youth, especially those in Dimapur district, to join the movement initiated by the civil society-backed Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT).
The leadership of the NAYO issued a statement today urging the youths of the Angami Naga in the commercial district of Nagaland to stand against the “menace” that is afflicting the people of Nagaland. The statement suggested that Dimapur’s health as a commercial center of Nagaland also defines the health of the state economically.
“The Northern Angami Youth Organization call upon its members residing at Dimapur (Kuda) to join the movement initiated by ACAUT against the myriad of unabated multiple and ‘unreasonable forms’ of taxation affecting us, practically being inflicted upon ourselves,” the organization said in the press release appended by its president Peter Rutsa and media official Rükravolie Rulho. The organization joins a myriad of other civil and business community in standing in support of the ACAUT’s movement.
The NAYO expressed solidarity and appreciation to the ACAUT leadership for taking the initiative to stand against the “menace present in our lives irrespective of professions or boundaries.”
Also, the NAYO asked the government of Nagaland, civil organizations and private agencies as well as the underground groups such as the NSCNs and NNCs who are “contributing indirectly to price rise in the state”, to ponder on the gravity of the situation. “We Nagas urgently need to resolve this issue without giving it any more space and time for an outright confrontation. NAYO fervently appeals to let us all listen harder to each others’ voices and make much needed sacrifice’s on all sides, so that it will be a common victory,” the NAYO stated. The organization also ‘thanked’ the “Naga political groups and others” for acknowledging the ACAUT “by listening to them across the table.”
The organization declared that a ‘cleansed Dimapur’ will see a resurgent Nagaland. “As such, the organization requests all Nagas to direct their immediate concern towards this complex issue,” the organization said.

By EMN Updated: Nov 21, 2013 1:27:25 am