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JNV viral video: Zunheboto authorities say youth tested negative

By EMN Updated: Jun 11, 2020 5:21 pm

Dimapur, June 11 (EMN): Zunheboto district health authorities have clarified that a youth at the JNV Lumami campus who was shown as being ill in a viral video, has tested negative for the Covid-19, and is ‘asymptomatic,’ and in health now.  

A note from the official in charge of Zunheboto district Dr H Hotokhu Chishi on June 11, Thursday, stated that the unidentified youth had health issues because of anxiety.   

“A male inmate in JNV, Lumami campus developed fever in the morning of 10th June. He did not upload his health status in the given app. His friends only told the surveillance team at about 12 noon,” the note stated.  

On receiving information about the situation, the deputy chief medical officer, a medicine specialist, rushed down to the campus in the afternoon and attended the patient, and set him in separate room for observation.

‘When Dy. CMO asked him as to why he did not update his health status, he replied that he did not want to let other inmates know about his status and to avoid panic reaction among the inmates. He developed a mild breathing problem due to induced anxiety as a result of isolating him,’ the press release stated.  

The official explained that the ambulance attached to the Akuluto PHC is a Maruti Gypsy, and “not safe to go with attendants.”

“Moreover, this ambulance is the only means of transport for round the clock heath workers at Akuluto block. Hence bigger and proper ambulance was called from district hospital Zunheboto.”

Further, the road condition between Zunheboto and Akuluto is “very bad taking more than 2 hours one way,” it stated.  

‘The patient was transported to the district hospital of Zunheboto by ambulance late at night and admitted in isolation ward. Sample taken this morning and tested negative by Truenat machine. One more test to be done tomorrow just in case,’ the official stated in the update.  

‘The patient is now asymptomatic, no fever, no breathing problem, no coughing and his oxygen saturation is 97% which is normal. He is healthy and hopefully will remain non-Covid. Let us not be easily taken away by social media propaganda,’ the note stated.

By EMN Updated: Jun 11, 2020 5:21:38 pm