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Jimomi Hoho holds 6th annual session

By EMN Updated: Feb 27, 2021 11:21 pm
Jacob Zhimomi speaks at the 6th session of Jimomi Baghi Hoho at Lizu Old Village on February 25.

Dimapur, Feb. 27 (EMN): The Jimomi Baghi Hoho held its 6th session on February 25 at Lizu Old Village on the theme “Apu Asu Nguagha, Niju Aje Kumto” (The reverence of our forefathers, our proud strength).  The Jimomi clan is derived from a patriarch named Jimo, son of Tomo who lived in Theünuophe between Chedema and Rusoma under Kohima district.

Speaking on the occasion, PHED minister Jacob Zhimomi reminded how their ancestors dealt with other Sumi clans and Nagas in good terms. Stating that their ancestors have accomplished their responsibilities, he challenged the present generation to do their part, an update from the Jimomi Hoho joint secretary Phukato Jimomi stated.

Pointing out the stubborn characteristics of the clan who only rely on their own decisions, Jacob urged them to change their personality in order to deal with people in good terms. Stating that focusing on one’s own clan doesn’t mean they should neglect other clans or tribes, Jacob urged the clan men to have concern for their clan to compete with other clans of  Sumi and Nagas.

Directing his focus on the students, Jacob urged them to use anger in studies rather than using it against someone. He encouraged them to start harvesting their knowledge for good. He also called upon the parents not to take pride in their children in clearing Masters or Ph.D but instead encourage them to acquire quality education.

He reminded how the generation has adapted to western culture and driven with a notion to ignore petty jobs even without good knowledge. Stating that the Nagas’ economy is run with revenue provided by the central government, Jacob encouraged the younger generations not to be ashamed of the work which provides them with food.

“Everybody wants a luxurious life but none wants to work hard. To live a life of luxury, one has to work hard with diligence,” Jacob stated.

Also expounding on the courage and bravery of the Nagas in fighting, Jacob called upon the younger generations to utilise those values to gain knowledge in this modern era.

Jacob further advocated unity and love to grow together in a society. He advised to stop gossiping about one another but praise one another.

On the occasion, cultural dance was performed by Lizumi Kiphimi Küqhakulu, while an invocation was pronounced by Rev. Hekheyi Zhimomi, and the welcome song was presented by the Lizumi community from Zunheboto. The welcome address was delivered by Khekuto Jimo, while exhortation was said by Dr. HS Rotokha, and songs were presented by Lizumi Kiphimi Küqhakulu, Sunon G Jimomi, Jimokali K Rotokha, Lizumi.

The consecration of old and newly elected members was done by Rev. Hotokhu Jimomi, SBAK executive secretary.

A book titled ‘Distinguished personalities of Jimomi clan (DPOJC) was released by Ihozu Jimomi.

The hoho has also elected a new team of office bearers for the tenure 2021-25 led by Ahovi Jimomi as president, Vikaho T Jimomi as vice president, Capt. Khekavi Jimomi as vice president, Kitoho S Rotokha as general secretary, Phukato Jimomi, Hesheto Jimomi and Kakuto Jimomi as joint secretaries, and Akashe Jimomi as treasurer.

It stated that more than thousand delegates from all over Nagaland attended the annual conference.

By EMN Updated: Feb 27, 2021 11:21:42 pm