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Jimmy Page found inspiration through Led Zeppelin

By EMN Updated: Oct 31, 2014 10:41 pm

Jimmy Page has insisted that being in Led Zeppelin was an “inspirational” time.
The rocker says that he and his bandmates Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and the now-deceased John Bonham often experienced “bursts of energy”, and as a result they created their classic hits due to sharing the same visions.
Speaking to The Sun he explained: “As a band, we had a collective consciousness.
“It was so inspirational and songs like Rock And Roll just appeared out of thin air.
“It was like a huge burst of energy. Wonderful!”
Whilst it’s highly unlikely for Led Zeppelin to get back together for a reunion, Jimmy is hoping to go back on the road by himself next year.
“Sometime next year, I hope to be seen playing.
“Even if it’s near the end of next year, it doesn’t matter as long as I’ve got it right live. I’ve got new music.”
Speaking about the possibility of making and releasing a new record, he said: “I’d like to think so. Really I just want to go out there and present a few surprises to people.”

By EMN Updated: Oct 31, 2014 10:41:32 pm