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Jenny McCarthy regrets sun worshipping

By EMN Updated: Jan 18, 2014 9:57 pm

JENNY MCCARTHY wishes she had “Nicole Kidman-ed” her younger years and stayed out of the sun.The 41-year-old model-and-activist – who has 11-year-old son Evan from her six-year marriage to John Mallory Asher, who she split from in 2005 – learned the hard way about the dangers of staying out in hot weather, and wishes she had paid better attention to her skin, like the porcelain-skinned Australian actress.
She said: “I wish I knew when I was younger not to lay out in the sun. Aging, skin cancer. I wish I would have Nicole Kidman-ed it throughout my whole life.
“I also wish I would have known to drink more water. And I wish I would have known to wait until I was 35 to get married. I think women really know who they are by the time they are 33. I think in your 20s you’re still searching.”
Jenny McCarthy wishes she had spent less time in the sun when she was younger because of the damage it has caused her skin.
Former Playboy star Jenny – who is a regular panelist on TV show ‘The View’- admits she can be intimidating to men on the show because of her forthright personality.
She added to America’s OK! magazine: “Yes, I think I intimidate men because I have a strong personality. A lot of times men get insecure around fame. I put them at ease by trying to teach them that fame is frivolous, and that the human spirit is way more important to me.”

By EMN Updated: Jan 18, 2014 9:57:07 pm