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Jennifer Lawrence’s ideal man

By EMN Updated: Nov 09, 2014 8:28 pm

The ‘Hunger Games’ star – who recently split with Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin – has revealed what her ideal partner would be like.
She told French magazine, Madame Figaro: “Someone who is capable of being consistent. Otherwise, I might as well stay single!”
It was recently reported that the 24-year-old actress dumped Chris because of his close friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow, his ex-wife and mother to his two children, Apple, 10, and Moses, eight.
A source said: “Everyone jumped the gun with this romance. It is hard for her to understand the feelings between Chris and Gwyneth.”
Another insider added: “She broke it off with Chris. She was tired of the spotlight on their relationship and she also thought that Chris and Gwyneth were a little too close for comfort. It was an odd situation for her.
“It was kind of serious but also not really in a sense. It was really just [Jennifer] having fun and living in the moment, enjoying time with someone she likes, but [Chris and Gwyneth’s] close relationship got to her in the end and she felt like it wasn’t worth it.”
But others claim that the 37-year-old singer – who “consciously uncoupled” from his wife earlier this year – was just too “intense” for Jennifer.
A source said: “Chris wanted to spend all his free time with Jen – there was a discrepancy between how they viewed their relationship, she’s so easy going and he’s quite intense.

By EMN Updated: Nov 09, 2014 8:28:41 pm