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JCC to discuss political twist on July 11

By Our Reporter Updated: Jul 09, 2017 11:12 pm

Dimapur, July 9 (EMN): In an interesting sub-plot to the latest political development in the state, the Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) has called for an emergency meeting on July 11 next ‘in view of the current political imbroglio’. The meeting will be held at the Western Chakhesang Hoho building at 4 pm.
Addressing a press conference on Sunday night, the convenor of JCC, Supu Jamir said ‘it is surprising to state that the Naga legislators who are wandering and loitering as gypsies forgetting the mandate bestowed to them by the public, which exhibits their shallow political will while manning the affairs of the state’.
“The indiscipline action of the so-called honourable legislators undermines the essence of democracy and which ultimately invites shame and disgrace to the entire state”, he said.
Observing the current political upheaval in the state, the JCC advised the legislators to remain sincere as responsible leaders, to realise that they represent the voice of the people and not to remain ‘political prostitutes’.
Asserting that the Naga public was well aware of their rights and responsibilities, the JCC executives advised the legislators not to play ‘hide and seek’ game for their personal interest at the cost of the Naga public.
“JCC after close scrutiny of the activities of the legislators, it is apparent that the present legislators are immature and more conscious about their personal interest which also manifest that our legislators lack vision who are only hungry for their power and vision”, pointed out the JCC members.
The JCC will also consult the apex bodies of various tribes, it was informed. For the meeting on July 11, the JCC has also invited the Phom Peoples’ Council (PPC) officials to discuss the issue of compensation to the victim of the January 31 incident at Longleng.

By Our Reporter Updated: Jul 09, 2017 11:12:33 pm