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Japanese Were Defeated: But Phizo Was Not Disheartened

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Angami Fulutsu

A defeated but not disheartened, Phizo returned to Naga Hills in 1946. He now had a greater purpose in life than the one which Gen. Sato and Subhas Chandra Bose as his own dream settled within the boundaries of its own horizons. He maintained a firm stand that Nagaland is an Independent country. Because the Nagas are an independent people. Again and again Phizo used to say: Naga issues involved with India is because of invasion.

Phizo’s quest took him to Delhi in July, 1947 as leaders of the Naga delegation to meet Gandhiji. His Secretary, Pyare Lal told the Naga delegation to submit their point of discussion. When Phizo informed Gandhiji that the Nagas were planning to celebrate their Independent Day on August 14th 1947, Mahatma has reportedly said “why wait till then.” But it is well that you will join the rest of lndia in the celebration and I hope you will come to feel that India is yours: freedom and sovereignty have always been with me along side with God. On that day, I will be in Pakistan to celebrate their freedom.” The quote of Gandhiji speaks for itself that we cannot misuse in whatever term of freedom and sovereignty.

Within a few months , however, Gandhiji was assassinated and the war with the Nagas started by Nehru , then many a knotty problem the so-called statehood have a sore spot on the body politic of free India is remained unresolved and unhealed.

Once, while Phizo was in Delhi for talk with the Indian government over the Naga problem, some members of the Indian parliament wanted an audience with him so while conferring with them, one lady M.P asked Phizo, “You did not utter a word during the British time, and now that India has got Independence: do you speak of the Naga Independence?” And Phizo replied the lady “My disfigured mouth shows of my fight with the British. How many miles did you drive the British away? I have driven the British eight/ nine hundred miles which is why my mouth went crooked.” After that the lady also kept quiet.

Between 1947 and 1953 Naga leaders went 17 times to Delhi to talk to the Indian leaders. During the same period 28 memoranda were also submitted to the government of India. But India had turned down on deaf ears. India will not profit anything by bringing all sorts of bitterness to the Nagas. To humiliate the Nagas and refused to talk with Phizo till his death in 1990. India were afraid to talk with him because they were on the wrong side of the history and refused to recognize the right of the Nagas for sovereignty.

As such danger of the British imperialism and in such circumstances of threats, to save the kingdom of India (Subhas Chandra Bose) and to protect the prestige of Nagaland (Phizo) is not a simple task or a thing to be forgotten easily. To tell the heroic deeds of our leaders shall ever cherished in our hearts -for their selfless sacrifices our country is what it is today.

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