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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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It’s record galore at Kohima Village Sports Meet 2024

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jan 17, 2024 10:08 pm
Kohima Village Sports Meet 2024
Women athletes in action at the IG Stadium in Kohima on Wednesday.

KOHIMA — Numerous records were set in athletics on the fourth day of the ongoing LXVI Kohima Village Sports Meet 2024 held at the IG Stadium in Kohima.

The weeklong sporting event features athletes from Tsütuonuomia, Lhisemi, Dapfhütsumia, and Pfüchatsumia khels of Kohima village are competing in variety of disciplines.

In women’s 200m race, Rüduolhounuo Belho of T Khel on Wednesday set a new record at the KVSA Sports Meet by clocking an impressive 28.9 seconds, while Dziesengunuo Solo of secured the second position clocking 29.1 seconds (also a record), while Pelekhonuo Mepfüo of L Khel claimed the third spot with a commendable time of 29.4 seconds.

In men’s 200m race, Neiketoulie Below (23.1 seconds) and Meguozotuo Solo (23.4 seconds) of T Khel clinched first and second positions respectively, while Mekhrietsü Miachieo of L Khel secured third place with a time of 24.5 seconds.

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Rahul Gandhi with athletes during his surprise visit to the KVSA Sports Meet at IG Stadium in Kohima on Tuesday.

Kevise Belho of T Khel set a new record in men’s 1500m race by clocking 4:36.1 minutes, while  Mhasiletuo Yhome of L Khel (4:39.1 minutes) and Kezhakhrietuo Mere of P Khel (4:39.5 minutes) secured second and third positions respectively.

In men’s 4x100m relay, T Khel, comprising Neketoulie Belho, Menguozotuo Solo, Keneitsizo Belho, and Keduolhouvolie Solo, set a new record (44.9 seconds) to win the title, while L Khel (Mekhrietsü Miachieo, Mhasiletuo Yhome, Vivor Kesiezie, and Kevirüduo Dzüvichü) claimed the second position by completing the race in 46.2 seconds.

In women’s 4x100m relay, T Khel comprising Dziesengunuo Solo, Rüütuonuo Belho, Rüduolhounuo Belho, and Lhouvisanuo Solo set a new record with 56.5 seconds to win the race, while L Khel team, featuring Pelekhonuo Mepfüo, Akhrienuo Linyü, Dziesekuonuo Linyü, and Dzüziengunuo Linyü, claimed the second position with a time of 57.0 seconds, which is also a new record.

Neizo Belho of T Khel emerged winner of men’s 10-meter peep sight air rifle competition with a score of 184; Thejaselhou Liezietsu of L Khel secured second position with a score of 178; and Medophrezo Sekhose of T Khel scored 166 to win the third position.

It was a clean sweep for T Khel in women’s shooting event, as Kikrukhrienuo Belho won the title with a score of 179, while Keduoneinuo Solo and Uneinuo Solo secured the second and third positions with 178 and 174 points, respectively.

In women’s high jump competition, Dziesengunuo Solo from T Khel and Ruokuosanuo Sachü from D Khel claimed the first and second positions, respectively, each clearing a jump of 1.35 meters. Solo secured the top spot through a tiebreaker. Vitseiü Khruomo of L Khel earned the third position with a jump of 1.27 meters.

The athletic events were conducted by the Nagaland Athletic Officials Club.

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By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jan 17, 2024 10:08:01 pm
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