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Itiki Montessori Preschool: The place to learn and play

By Mirror Desk Updated: Dec 09, 2018 1:10 am
Children of Itiki Montessori Preschool, Dimapur outside the school on Saturday.

Eastern Mirror Desk
Dimapur, Dec. 8: For many years, different outlooks and perceptions concerning the models of study to be taught to kids have been implemented across preschools.

Itiki Montessori Preschool in Dimapur is a one of a kind—the school does not use the traditional “textbook methods” but has adopted “a total and complete holistic approach.”

With both indoor and outdoor learning experiences for its preschoolers, Itiki uses what it calls ‘Montessori learning tools’ to impart knowledge to its students.

Hina Assumi, proprietor of Itiki, said that the word “Montessori” itself is defined as a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play.

“Itiki teaches its children in a holistic manner with a lot of capacity building,” said Assumi, adding the main reason the activities are important is because it helps children concentrate, coordinate and develop independence. The programme at Itiki is designed for children aged between two-and-a-half to six.

Bible study is also a special feature in the curriculum where a strong foundation of ‘biblical truth’ and love for God’s word are instilled among the children.

The proprietor also informed that the school provides the children with nutritious hot lunches and snacks, which also help impart knowledge on healthy eating and table etiquettes.

Itiki uses what it calls the EPL (everyday practical life) method that include everyday routines such as caring for self, dressing oneself, habitual courtesies, preparing food and also caring for the environment.

“It is an authentic Montessori school,” said one teacher of Itiki, adding that the children are developed through their cognitive skills. They are also taught to be more conscious about the environment which, she said, helps build a calmer environment making learning easier.

Keeping a clean classroom is important at the Itiki environment. The children are taught how to take care of the space around them—this may include how to set a table, planting a seed or sapling and watering it and many other developmental activities, the proprietor explained.

The school boasts of a spacious outdoor area with unique play structures so as to aide children in their gross motor development.

If one visits Itiki, the wholesome and memorable learning experience can be visible via the tree house, sand pit area, water play area, and the gardens of Itiki.

Itiki Montessori Preschool celebrated its 3rd annual day and pre-Christmas thanksgiving at its school premises on Dec. 8.

The general manager of Eastern Mirror, and managing partner of the event, Shari Longkumer spoke at the function. Longkumer said that preschool establishment are social businesses where the social responsibility outweighs the profits.

While congratulating the proprietor and family members, Longkumer also challenged the teachers and parents gathered to ponder over three prevailing facts in society.

The first being to impart or strive for a holistic value-based life. “Only when we do that, we can impart life’s values and principles for the long run in the child,” said Longkumer.

The second fact that Longkumer cited was the role of technology in the young minds. “The first 7-8 years of a child is very important as they are absorbing whatever information they see, hear, and feel,” he said adding that the parents and teachers must understand technology properly to impart it to the child.

“I encourage parents also to impart the value of money in their child,” Longkumer cited the third challenge. “We must ensure that the difference between what we need and what we want is made known,” he said cautioning that sometimes to get what one wants, the means may not always be the right way.

Dr. Sunil Sharma, a consultant gynaecologist, was also present at the celebration as special guest. He spoke about the concept of preschools and its responsibilities.

He lauded the teachers and the proprietor of Itiki for managing the children at an age, which can be difficult, and for helping guide the children’s future in a better way.

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