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Is Nagaland Really a Dry State?

By EMN Updated: Mar 10, 2020 1:07 am

The well-known fact of alcohol prohibition in Nagaland is only the prohibition of refined alcohol and its reasonable price. Adulterated alcohol is abundant and costs a handsome price.

Alcohol addiction and its consequences, leading to death, are seen every now and then. Because of the prohibition of alcohol, refined alcohol are not available at all, but adulterated alcohol are easily available, more than sufficient and there is no scarcity of even a drop. Many families are victimised by the high price of alcohol.

Alcohol is neither raining from above nor coming out from underground sources. Alcohol cannot be in Kohima without crossing the gate of Dimapur. Loaded alcohol trucks crossings gates are well known and vividly seen by the police at check gates.

Honourable authorities and who are in power, do you want your people to be like this? Is this your desire, your wisdom, your administration, your leadership and your government? Majority of Naga people want Nagaland to be a dry state, moreover, we are a Christian state. So, to revoke against Nagaland as a dry state is a shameful and unwise thing. But, at present, the prohibition of alcohol is much worse than being shameful and unwise.

Kevingulie Tachü

By EMN Updated: Mar 10, 2020 1:07:06 am