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Is Naga Dream Equal to Economic Package?

By EMN Updated: Nov 27, 2014 10:56 pm

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]olomon is synonymous with wisdom. Why is it so? When God asked him to make a wish, he asked for wisdom― wisdom to rule his people wisely. God was pleased with his prayer and he added to his request wealth and honor as bonus for his selfless prayer. Unlike human business strategy of buy two and get one free, God’s policy is get your priority right and you get everything added to it in a complete package. Solomon knew well that several essential elements go into the making of a strong nation, but he also knew that the most important element was divine wisdom. He asked for it and he got more than what he had asked for. The Israelite reached the zenith of its fame and glory during the reign of King Solomon.
Nagaland, a fifty one-year old state of the Indian union, is all set to receive Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi, the 15th and current Prime Minister of India, to Nagaland on the occasion of the anniversary celebration of its statehood which is opportunely timed to be held on the day the Hornbill Festival gets kicked off. Heads of government don’t get to visit places as and when they wish like their fellow citizens. The visit of this Prime Minister will assume another historical significance in the Indo-Naga relationship. In this context, what can the Nagas expect from the Prime Minister? More importantly, what is going to be the message of the Nagas to him? Nagas of all tribes and political affiliations should seize this opportunity by sinking our differences in the ocean of forgiveness, and join the chorus in unison to convey our common desire as one people.
Speculation doing the round in the backdrop of Mr. Modi’s imminent visit is that he is likely to announce an economic package, and the Nagas seem to be overwhelmed with happiness, counting the golden eggs of the mythical Goose. Given the fact that Mr. Modi heads a strong government at the center, and that he can take many decisions with comfortable ease on many issues, the Naga issue stands a good chance of claiming the attention and also winning the goodwill of the honorable Prime Minister. However, sadly, going by the general mood of the people, to this most powerful man of India who is capable of delivering a Jumbo Jet, it appears like the Nagas are all set to ask for a bicycle― a myopic vision motivated by selfish ambition.
We are unsure as to what definitive agendum is on the mind of the Prime Minister on his maiden visit to Nagaland. Whether he is coming as a political tourist to promote his own political ideology or as an apostle of some vested religious group for a pan Hindu nation remains to be known. I only pray that he is coming with an open mind to understand our unique history and respond to the deep-seated feelings of the Nagas with utmost honesty and sincerity. No doubt, a magnanimous heart is required in order to bail out a debt-ridden state like Nagaland.
Any move in this direction is a good gesture that will be met with appreciation. But what is more imperative at the moment is to heed the cry of every Naga for a lasting solution to our protracted political predicament. With our heads held high, we want to move ahead together with the rest of the world and develop our land. Yet, our dream will remain a distant dream until and unless a final settlement is reached.
Let us first seek together the welfare and the common good of the Nagas by setting aside out petty personal differences and grudges against one another. We cannot afford to bury our common dream as a people to live with dignity and respect in the eyes of the world in exchange for individual benefit of a few people. Let us strike the iron while it is hot.

Rümatho Nyusou

By EMN Updated: Nov 27, 2014 10:56:42 pm