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Is Koreanisation of culture good for Nagaland?

By EMN Updated: Aug 24, 2019 12:38 am
N Anchila Chang and Thejaser Khate after being declared as Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher 2019 respectively at BCTE Freshers’ Day on August 23.

Dimapur, Aug. 23 (EMN): Bosco College of Teacher Education (BCTE), Dimapur celebrated its annual Freshers’ Day on August 23. Interestingly, the freshers who would possibly become teachers after completing their courses, were asked one question: Is Koreanisation of culture good for Nagaland?

Two future teachers (a male and a female) who gave the best answer were declared Mr. Fresher 2019 and Miss. Fresher 2019, informed an update by the college.

Some were of the opinion that all cultures, including the Korean culture, are good with many good values; and that Koreans are honest, hardworking, disciplined, respectful towards their elders, clean, and talented in music, sports and business. However, some argued that the Naga youth imitate the Koreans only externally, like hair-style, dress and lifestyle instead of their inner values that “make the Koreans so prosperous and their culture so enviable.”

“We should not forget from where we come (from), where we are now and where we are going,” said one teacher-trainee. Even if we accept some elements of other cultures, we should preserve our own, he added.

One student opined that it is fine “if Korean culture further enriches our already rich traditions and customs.” However, another teacher-trainee asked: “Why don’t we love and enrich our culture to such an extent that the Koreans and even others would long for ‘Nagaisation’ of their own cultures?”

In the final session of the programme, Thejaser Khate and N Anchila Chang were declared Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher 2019 respectively.

The occasion that was meant for welcoming the freshers also witnessed melodrama as a couple of teachers from the college were given a tearful send-off. Dr. Thuruthel Jose (TC), SDB, whose meticulous planning and hard work during the last three years had not only boosted the BCTE in academic but also moulded the teacher-trainees into professional and dedicated motivators of young minds. Another teacher, R Kuotsu was given a farewell during the programme.

The college also inducted Dr. Sabu Joseph SDB as its new principal and Fr. Karippai Jose SDB as the director (Rector) during the event.


By EMN Updated: Aug 24, 2019 12:38:57 am