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Is India a soft state?

By EMN Updated: Jul 24, 2013 3:21 pm

-P. Ganguly 

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ULY 7 Bodhgaya blast upset many minds. The briefless barristers in  politics began splitting hair on party line. TV orchestrated.

Uttarakhand mid June disaster was shocking. Hinduism’s most revered Kedarnath shrine associated with Adi (first) Sankar stood alone. The temple was saved by a huge boulder dividing the rushing water in the rear. Thousands of pilgrims died. Altogether it was a catastrophe.

Moreover the Holy Amarnath Linga lost its shape. The last two were natural. The blast was a terrorist act. Apparently Santhomme (TN) to the holy place where Siddarth attained Enlightenment (Buddha) – India is the target of mindless terrorism.

A democracy is usually considered a SoftState. Thus immigrants through Mexico flooded US and so is our population explosion. Unwanted guests mingle in the crowd. Its very definition indicates a happy go lucky way of functioning. Indian police was styled on British pattern.

Initially Kolkata and then Mumbai boasted of being second Scotland Yard. We never knew KGB, Gestapo, or Mossad. The terror schools are in Pakistan. The theosophical entity encourages same. The liberation war against Soviet occupation of Kabul with active Pak participation provided ISI $ and military hardware however the region became

unstable. It produced the Frankenstein. Islamabad ran by a nexus of army, landed class and some Moulavis made terror a part of its strategy forcing us to bleed. It seeks support from our Muslim community and Dhaka. US intelligence (along with Israel and UK) has been helping us since 26/11 Mumbai. India and Israel with US and the West are declared enemies of fundamentalist forces.

The cooperation has been a blessing. We were unprepared till Mumbai like ‘62 Chinese aggression opened our eyes.  India became smart as P Chidambaram took over Home portfolio.  SK Shinde is the current incumbent. Under compulsion India developed’ Tit for Tat’. Some attempts were timely aborted. The newly formed NIA is an asset.

All cloak and dagger operations launched or guided from across the border are under surveillance. The low intensity conflict calls for global vigilance. Alfred Nobel regretted his invention of dynamite owing to its misuse, today RDX and several chemical combinations camouflaged are in use.

Years ago a Polish movie was funny to any extent. As Lech Walesa sang Christian hymns on Radio Warsaw in the red regime, Soviet howitzers entered the city. The satire was shot after the fall of Soviet and Warsaw pact countries.  The Intelligence Chief is shown waiting for some one with a clean desk. A lanky young University student enters with his permission. The Chief reads from a cyclostyled sheet half hidden in his table drawer – “you’ve been selected for an assignment on the basis of your integrity, merit, patriotism etc. You’ll accompany our team to Paris with eyes and ears open. (Boss mutters – Serial 3 and 4 not applicable) All the activities in the enemy country should be watched”. The fellow enquires “Sir French?”  “No. Watch our boys and girls for reporting back to me.” All applicable points were read and then “disperse” was ordered. The assignee left. A techie came in. Boss was disturbed in mind because the portable CTV he bought during last foreign trip shows a young girl in the porno upside down.

The set was taken by him to his workshop and quickly brought back. It was placed on Boss’s table. On checking Boss was happy as the figure was normal. The techie explained that it was wrongly placed i.e. upside down. He left.  Boss closed the door to enjoy xxx blue and switched on the busy red light outside.

The story does not reflect on us yet India was as unprepared as anything on 26/11 when in lieu of supreme sacrifice, the “non-state”(President Zardari) Pak Kasab was caught alive. Outside Mumbai as if “King Kong” (Gorilla in NY) was on TV for Indo-Pak viewers. Headley and Rana were exposed by FBI. It is felt that in public and private we need to reform and rededicate for an attitudinal change in the changed situation. INT (2nd oldest profession) is a citizen’s duty like IPC empowers civilians with police authority. With group, region, community, back door, internal bickering, corruption etc duties suffer. Sycophancy garbed as discipline in the offices is tantamount to (male) prostitution (oldest profession) of a kind (Platonic). It is called Chamcha (spoon) and if huge then Belcha (big used by masons) at New Delhi. Other adjectives are Maska (butter), Malish (massage) etc. Consequently a shepherd is misguided by black

sheep with sorkari white collars up.

ISI training schedule includes motivation (drug) and (Narco) money. ”Faith does not teach mutual enmity”. The quote is from Iqbal’s “Our Hindustan is the best in the world” written in undivided India (saare jahan) before he migrated. Such people do not call the shots there. Arm chair specialists find out poverty, helplessness and hatred to produce the item. The highly paid and brainwashed youth are pushed in India for subversion. There are various sleeper cells set up inside to welcome.

Punjabi (Pak) communist Tariq Ali who tried to join the two Bengals in vain under a red flag comes in mind. President Gen Ershad too attempted it. Muslim League asked for entire Assam (Unknown Naga) and Bengal. Then he wrote the controversial banned book “Can Pakistan survive?” which exiled him at London. He foresaw BD, Sind, Baloch and NWFP discontent. Once he attended a Jamait e Islami meet at Lahore as a guest speaker (‘50s). The topic was “Islamisation of India”  (Hindoostan – Haram to Halal i.e purification).He told the gathering  “We here need n’t break our heads o’er it, Indian intellectuals are such they’ll themselves do it”.

Late Bal Thackrey suggested dispatch of our agents there to derail trains, blast in cinema halls and cause senseless killing in which Pak nationals are involved here. Subversion is the lowest form. Pak gets lump sum aid from Riyadh. China is its all weather friend. It helps in communist encirclement. Myanmar shifted its pro-China stand on US insistence and released Syuki. Balasaheb’s remedy is fit for wartime sabotage. New Delhi’s refugee influenced Pak centric foreign policy is obsolete.

Whether it is Chechnya or Palestine, terror has come to stay.9/11 preceded 26/11. India has tightened its grip though it is almost impossible to rule it out. 1.25 billion and the country are quite vast. Moreover all types like Tibetan, Afghan, IBI, Lankan Tamil and so on are present. Even US diplomats keep a tab on activities of Pak agents (Wikileaks) on our soil. It calls for global cooperation. At JFK airport each Khan is subjected to scrutiny e.g Shahrukh and Imran.

Indian record of refugee rehab is excellent (UN).President Obama is trying hard to absorb the Spanish speaking migrants. US policy in the past favoured Whites for citizenship whereas hardly 2% Afro-Asians got the same. Bodhgaya attack is suspected to be an IM reaction on recent Buddhist versus Rohingiya developments in Myanmar. It is there in China, Russia, Philippines and Nigeria too. Our second rate Congress spokesmen find CM Modi as a cause behind action (IM and Gujarat riots remark drawing party ire). TV is engrossed with doing a caricature. Our MPs are there to petition US President against Modi’s visa.  It is never secular or sane always. Guru Golwalkar, Veer Savarkar, Hedgewar, Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev or Arvind Kejriwal are personalities on their own. Alexander on arrival in India remarked “Really, Seleucus, this land is full of variety” (Bengali comic). All told communism and communalism are twin curses on humanity.  At pre-partition or pre- freedom Kolkata we knew “God save the Queen” (George VI was followed by Elizabeth II). UPA 3 will win again. In accordance with its secular credentials, ugly references on old Hindu-Muslim line (colonial vintage) are superfluous. By Mary (Bengali adopted Mairy – British oath) one can safely bet on UPA return. Let God save our India of  “Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Parsi, Mussalman, Christian” (National Anthem) as the cradle of human civilization.

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